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OLM Desk - 01 October 2021

Start-Up to a Trillion-Dollar Dream

There have been several articles on how India as a country is embracing the start-up ecosystem but very few talk about how its growth was aided by a huge untapped market. With smartphones penetrating deeper into rural India at a faster clip by the day, the country has emerged as having the second-largest internet user base after China. And definitely, it was amplified by the pandemic when many chose to become entrepreneurs. It is commendable how the article sheds light on these factors. I would like to know its road ahead and the opportunities they are providing to the freshers.

Trina Das, Kolkata

Herculean Power of Narration

I had a great time reading this very unique story on narration. I liked how it began with Hopkins, cave paintings, and gradually navigated to venture capitalists and investments. The author has shown us a new perspective on investment and how unconsciously stories or narratives influence our investment strategy or decision.

Akshara Tripathi, Mumbai

Education in New Age

The education sector is going through some major changes and simultaneously the students and the mentors are upgrading their skills to stay afloat. I know people who have graduated with flying colours but are finding it difficult to be placed. It is because the industries are also preferring freshers whose concepts are translucent. It is great that the story also speaks about the new facilities and New Education Policy which focuses on transforming higher education institutions into large multi-disciplinary universities, colleges, and HEI clusters/knowledge hubs. Surely there is an urgent need for bridging the digital divide.

Manik Lokkhande, Pune

Mind Your Money, More Than Ever

Thank you for showing us the equation of how the government’s efforts to tackle the Covid crisis have led to a liquidity flush in the system, while the containment measures imposed by the authorities have triggered supply-side constraints. The two factors have added to the spurt in inflation. Many are also unaware of how to use the power of compounding, hence I am sure the article will be helpful and will enlighten several investors on how to change their strategy.

Megha Sharma, Delhi

It’s Friday Night Fallacy