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OLM Desk - 31 July 2021

It’s Everything or Nothing

The news of cryptocurrency is grabbing headlines and people are flocking to the crypto space to trade. However, one thing I have noticed is that many are highly unaware of the process and do not know how to handle a loss in that market. They need to first understand and classify the cryptos, and also read a few authentic articles about its foundation. Many also fear that trading in the crypto market might lead us to pitfalls as they term it as ‘illegal’. As very rightfully mentioned in the article - investors need to understand the nature of assets. At a very early stage, the assets show high volatility. Most of the crypto users suffer either from the fear of missing out (FOMO) or go for panic buying or selling out of perceived fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).

Aviral Malhotra, Bangalore

Big Bang in Small Stocks

As mentioned in the story stock markets upbeat with mid-cap and small-cap stocks on a rally that looks sustainable given the macroeconomic factors. However, there was no mention of exactly which stocks to proceed with. Throughout the copy all we get to read is about how the earnings trajectory for the mid and small-cap stocks continues to be encouraging, therefore I would like to expect a list of such stocks which can help us stay afloat.

Pankaj Sinha, Delhi

A Rising Force on Icarus Dreams

My family has been trying to shift to a new apartment since the beginning of this year. The bookings have been done, but we are facing a hassle regarding the delivery date, as they keep on delaying it due to the precarious scenario caused by Covid. It is also hard for many who are working from home and all of sudden have to get a rent as their offices are opening up. Thank you for writing about the construction cost. Prices of cement and steel have gone up sharply in the last year, and there is only a limit to which developers can absorb this kind of rise in construction cost. It is sad to know that there is a cascading effect of the first wave with disrupted supply chains.

Antony Paul, Bangalore

Funny Money, Honey

It was a great read. Looking forward to more such stories by Larissa Fernand.

Alia Jhunjhunwala, Mumbai

Train Your Brain To Face The Life