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OLM Desk - 02 July 2021

Unmaking India, Remaking Indians

The statistics are quite disheartening and many of us might recuperate from the virus, but a thousand hearts bleed as they lose their close ones. Many couldn’t save their family members as they couldn’t race against time and get that oxygen cylinder, while few remained in a high density of ignorance. Ignorance about not just the virus-appropriate behaviour, but also about how to prepare themselves financially for such a shock. The article hit the bull’s eye when it asked ‘How to save whatever is left?’

Sakshi Tripathi, Bangalore

Soon To Be Retired, Not To Be Risk-Shy

Retiring, without any doubt, requires a lot of planning. But often, years of planning can be jeopardized by a sudden storm or bad weather. I would like to thank Outlook Money for writing about such money moves that can help us to ride out of the storm.

Avinash Khattar, Mumbai

Being Early Is The New Smart

I have seen many friends struggling in this tax department, as they fell into the trap of procrastination and in the end were caught in the cobweb of errors and omissions. It was informative to learn about the tips on how to get  things right the first time itself and to avoid any errors that may result in revisions.

Bhavna Singh, Delhi

A Life Line Can’t Be A Credit Line

Besides making us realise how precious our lives are, the pandemic has also helped us to understand that a  term insurance and an emergency fund are must-do for the breadwinner of the family to avert an unforeseeable exigency and keep yourself out of a debt trap. When disruptive events occur, it is natural to get anxious and tense. The idea of having an emergency fund is so that you will not have to deal with monetary stress, in addition to the emotional turmoil you are already battling with.

Sarita Mahajan, Pune

Start Investing from Campus Days

The myth that you can invest only when you have a full-time job needs to be broken. I would like to thank the team for coming up with such a story that highlights an important point. Many teenagers don’t understand the importance of early investment, and end up spending on less important materials. An early start in saving allows the investor to have a long haul and more versatility in planning for the future. ‘The best option for a budding investor is to dig deep into equities that produce higher returns over a long period. Having a ready exit gate and a well-diversified portfolio will make it more flexible and protect you from uncertainty.’

Upasana Haldar, Kolkata

And, The Deal Is Sealed, Virtually

Artistry holds a special place in my life, therefore, when I read this article on online auction, I couldn’t restrain myself from commenting on the story. This shows how times have changed but the past hasn’t decayed. We are trying to fit ourselves in a new horizon by adopting digital transformation but not letting go of our legacy in art. It is such a unique way of selling the art collection. Also, I was delighted to know that The Indian art auction market has even stood its ground through the course of the past year, hereby registering records and further cementing the trust that the market has evolved to achieve.

Monimoy Paul, Kolkata

Investment Is A Game Of Patience

The journey to financial independence is surely full of charging bulls and bear hugs. One needs to be alert and cautious taking any financial decision. I felt quite motivated while reading Gautam Singh’s investment journey. The journey from being unaware, to impatient, to re-discovering faith. Gautam’s investment journey is not just his story but the story of several other investors who were about to hit the panic button during the market correction in the pandemic outbreak, but somehow managed to sail through. ‘The journey can be bumpy sometimes and one should sit tight with the seat belts on.’

Ashima Sen, Noida

The Right Cover For The Wrong Time

The pandemic might have made health insurance important to all of us, but it remains a challenging task to select the best-fit product for our specific needs. It was good to know that the number of health insurance policies bought in the last one year has gone up since the outbreak of the disease and consequently increasing the cumulative revenue for the health cover sector, comprising both private and public sector insurers. I had a great time reading about the two policies that the Indian insurance industry has come up with  to secure consumers against the cost of treatment of the viral infection.

Evana Roy, Chennai

From Swipe To Tap, Credit Cards In Disruption

It is quite overwhelming to realise how far we have reached with technology and I am sure we have a long way to go. Thank you for informing us about the India-based vCard, the first digital credit card with a payment gateway linked to the UPI, offering a 30-day interest-free repayment period.

Trisha Chaturvedi, Gurgaon

No Price Tag For Happiness

The article felt like a powerful conglomerate of music and poetry, just like the iconic pop and jazz singer. We all have a lot to learn from her. Her vivaciousness, her courage and her will-power. All of these come from her investment in positivity and happiness.

Shipra Singha, Kolkata

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