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OLM Desk - 01 May 2021

Seize the Day, My Friend

I have always dreamt of having a peaceful retired life like any other colleague of mine and I have been planning for this since I was in my early 40s. But this article served as a reality check and now I realised how I need to execute my plans instead of just ideating them. “49 per cent doers have something planned but they are mostly clueless about the widening gulf between what they have planned and what they would need.”- This statement has struck me the most and now I have my newfound energy after going through this informative article by Outlook Money.

Prakash Jha, Ranchi

Banking on the Age

Outlook Money explores unique topics every month and leaves us surprised. The story on Postal Schemes is no different. I am thrilled to get to know so much about it from this article. Just like Ajit Arora has said, “Our focus was on safe returns, not high returns.”, this is a common mindset in Indian households. We have always liked to be safe than sorry. But times are changing and the sooner we begin to take risks, the better it will be for our financial health. The author has analysed well and elucidated perfectly. It is my request to the team to publish more such topics that enrich our knowledge and guides us towards better investment schemes.

Arjun Das, Bhubaneshwar

Living with a Small Corpus

The section on making your portfolio more aggressive was an earnest eye-opener. A senior citizen myself, the article was very helpful indeed, and points such as the preceding and earning from hobbies/passions were very impressively put forward. Thank you, Outlook India, for explaining how even small corpuses can be properly balanced and added to. There was much to learn from it, and rest assured I shall be implementing some of those values in my financial life henceforth!

Sneha Shyamalan, Bangalore

Sketching the Blueprint

Wow! Till now, we have read thousands of stories on Covid, but this is the first article that takes us through a different aspect of industrial design. I am thrilled to know how this sector works or that the salary could be so lucrative. It is good to find such unique stories covered by Outlook Money. I would want my daughter to look into this as a future career option. This is a very crisp, to the point and well-written article.

Akshay Sharma, Lucknow

Life Cover For Lives in the Lurch

It is sad to note that the transgender community has been socially ostracised and boycotted since time immemorial. I am delighted to see this story covered with such a positive feeling. I believe that every individual, whichever community they are from, deserves equal opportunity and life insurance is a must for everyone. Glad to know that IRDAI is taking steps in the right direction. Kudos to the team for sharing such an inspiring story!

Aparna Chowdhury, Kolkata

Wage Redefined, Pay Reduced

I was aware of the new Wage Code Act, however, I didn’t know about its ramifications. It is a great initiative to rationalise dozens of central labour laws and unify them into a single code. I am glad to know that the likely changes are going to include better post-retirement benefits, and dropped take-home salaries. ‘There is going to be an increase in the provident fund and gratuity contributions from the employer’s end. Finally, the gig workers have been heard. They were earlier disadvantaged as they did not receive benefits from employers as full-time employees did. Now, the implementation of the four wage codes from April is going to bring benefits to gig workers and gig platforms alike.

Mehek Aggarwal, Bangalore

It’s Ease of Doing Investments

Very well-put article. Sebi’s new launch AI has helped represent a class of people who have an understanding of various financial products and the risks and returns associated with them and can make informed decisions regarding their investments, which is an enormous asset. The more people who are made to know about this, the better. Thanks for explaining so fully!

Prithviraj Haldar, Mumbai

Riding the Time Machine

The world is battling a serious war and it is always great to learn about the steps taken by different organizations and NBFCs to evolve into indispensability for the Indian economy. This article, without any equivocation, was informative as analysts have wonderfully guided the readers on the stocks. Thank you for letting us know that we must look at NBFC stocks as a part of their investment portfolio.
Ashish Chatterjee, Kolkata

Gold, Brewed Best if Vintage

This was a very enlightening article, and I, as an amateur jewellery-lover, learned a lot from it. India indeed has a burgeoning market for collecting rare and vintage jewellery, and it must be incredibly satisfying to curate an auction catalogue for a well-informed collector base. The auction market in India is maturing, and all the credit goes to the enthusiasts, who keep a tab on the happenings at auctions and stay abreast of the trends in the domain!

Taniya Malhotra, Pune

Invest Across a Wide Spectrum

I remember watching Masumeh Makhija in Chupke Se. But it is through this article that I got to know about her entrepreneurship and interest in investment. “Financial independence is very difficult without proper financial planning”- This statement of hers is very powerful as common people are not financially literate. We all want to save but we are never sure how, why, when, and where to do so. Thus, this article helps make people aware of their choices. Thank you Outlook Money for covering this story!

Uma Thakur, Mumbai

‘Invest Across A Wide Spectrum’