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OLM Desk - 02 January 2021

Opportunities May Be Just Around The Corner

I have always been an avid reader of Outlook Money, and the reason behind it is expert advice. The story had diverse comments coming from analysts, experts, and common people. Here, we got to know about the challenges, the silver lining, and a cautious welcome.

Palak Jain, Mumbai

Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension

I am about to retire in two years, and I am still not confident of my savings and investments across multiple metrics. The story has helped me restore faith. I would like to read such articles that I can use as a guide.

Suyash Tripathi, Mumbai

Money Smart

I have read your article tagged Money Smart in Outlook Money. First of all I really liked it, and I could relate to it in many ways. Delayed gratification, compounding, time value of money - such beautiful concepts to learn.

I have a daughter who is almost one year old, and in due course I want to connect with someone like Vivek Mehra who can coach my daughter on financial literacy. Can you help me with his contact details or email id?

Jeetu Gurdasani, Chennai

Are You Cyber Secured?

Cybersecurity is no more an alien word. The coin has two sides - if we are advancing to a technologically rich world, then we need to be prepared for some intense hacking and data breaches. These topics are common, but a roadmap through it was an interesting read. It strengthens awareness. I am glad to know cyber insurance has witnessed a rise in demand in an uncertain environment. I would also like to appreciate that you have mentioned how cyber insurance does not protect you from potential cyber-attacks but offers coverage if you fall prey to some threats. Thereby, protecting the reputation or losses in case some sensitive information is stolen. Often people are not aware of this basic difference.

Saniya Sharma, Delhi

Shopping Sops

I was ignorant of the effects of this announcement. Thank you, Outlook Money for highlighting such valuable news.

Sahana Simha, Mumbai

Living The Dream

As many graduates and postgraduates came out of their university gate with twinkling eyes filled with dreams, the pandemic painted a nightmare. The article was very motivational, and I am sure those who are struggling to get placed will find it useful, as the story gives a detailing of almost every industry and which one can be a smart career choice for the students. Till then, keep your luminous dreams alive.

Samayita Guha, Kolkata

LIC Leveraging Tech

“The new alignment in the new normal” - quite an enlightening conversation. We require a fire in the belly to execute the change and turn it into a new normal. The steps taken by the companies are highly commendable, as following the shift in customer’s behaviour and simultaneously upgrading their services is not a cakewalk.  “The pandemic has made our agency learn fast. I hope it continues and does not go back to the old ways,” said G Murlidhar, Managing Director, Kotak Life  - such positive statements leave a bucket of hope for the customers.

Neelima Dey, Bangalore

Protect Your Child

Parenting comes with an amalgamation of joy and responsibilities. Aman Tripathi’s story was truly a lesson for many of us who do not sit for early planning. The options listed in the article will be beneficial for the readers.

Alok Nath, Kolkata

Going Paperless

I was curious to know how the sectors are strategizing to fit in the new normal. Of course, the news channels are showing the day-to-day events, hence couldn’t find a video or detailed write-up, which can capture the situation of the industries or sectors. I would like to thank Subhasis Ghosh for letting us know about the way they have re-designed life during the lockdown. Insurance is indeed dependent on physical interactions and human touch, at least that is what the traditional concept had to say, but I am so delighted that the industry has already considered ‘going paperless’ as the key drive for change.

Anita Kumar, Asansol

Asset Rich Vs Cash Rich

Dr Sharma’s story was an eye-opener for many of us, as often we feel that our lives are sailing smoothly when we focus on our present state. In reality, our future financial state might be ad hoc and without an objective. People with less experience often fear the market noise. For them, it is always necessary for the advisor to share some real-life stories from past economic cycles, and Prateek Pitalia did an amazing job there. I always look forward to My Plan for different and interesting investment stories.

Rohit Prasad, Noida

Shying Away From Risk

I took a deep interest in this article as I am a Kathak dancer. It is always great to learn from the career graph of different pioneers. I had a great time learning about Kaushalya Reddy, her husband Raja Reddy, and her sister, Radha, and the bitter lesson - ‘never trust anyone with property, and never trust the market with money’.

Geo Kennedy, Bangalore

Shying Away From Risk