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OLM Desk - 02 November 2020

Should You Give In To The Lure Of Discounts?

With Big Billion Days knocking on the door, we are all a bit too frugal to splash out on clothes and jewellery this festive season. However, as these festivities come once a year, we weave plans to surprise our near and dear ones with gifts. This article was like a luminary in a dark tunnel. Right now, I have much more clarity on how much to spend during festivals.

Shreyashi Mondol, Kolkata

Keep Your Furry Friends Safe

I grew up in a family where we have always enjoyed the company of pet dogs and cats. They have been an integral part of our lives and our children love spending time with them. When I came across this article, I was overwhelmed to know that our country’s pet population has grown to 10 million. However, I am disappointed and miffed by the fact that all this while we were living under a veil when it came to acknowledging the benefits of pet insurance. I would like to thank the team for coming up with a story and providing valuable information, especially details of new pet insurance policies available in the market. The article shows how our pets were denied the benefits.

Aashi Sharma, Mumbai

How To Save More Tax

I was not acquainted with the tax benefits and deductions that come under several Sections like 80C and 24B. This story helped me get a better picture. Secondly, it was great to read all the advice on investments any employer must consider before arriving at their tax liability and tax-deductible every month. Surely, it is time for salaried employees to plan carefully and optimise tax outgo.

Shreyashi Iyer, Chennai

Betting Culture & IPL

What an amazing time to discuss this topic. Informative, especially about Dream 11 and what criminal record it holds. As a person, I am against the betting that goes on in fantasy games, even though children in my house find it ecstatic. I appreciate that the story has a fine balance between the negative and positive sides of IPL betting. It has quotes and comments of IPL fans, which makes it even more relatable and interesting.

Devlina Hegde, Bangalore

Senior Living In Post COVID World

Sunil Malhotra’s story and his decision to invest in senior care have helped thousands of others like him wake up, get rid of the dilemma and take the set. The pandemic has changed our way of living. As independent seniors are becoming the new demography in India due to changing realities, they must be encouraged to live a wholesome life and not limit their happiness. But, at the same time, they must go through all the options available and not sign up for a less than satisfactory facility in a hurry. I believe the article does complete justice regarding facts and offers excellent suggestions on choosing a trusted developer operator.

Sumitra Chatterjee, Kolkata

Do Not Get Affected By Market Noise

I have been following every article of My Plan on Outlook Money for the past couple of months, and I feel that the series of enriched investment experiences that you highlight is commendable. This paves a smooth road for many beginners who are nervous about their first step in the world of investment.

Arjun Malhotra, Mumbai

Insure With A Two-In-One Plan

Joint term insurance offers the opportunity to cover oneself and a spouse under one contract, and I was aware of its benefits. I liked this story because it has minutely described the cover and various options available in various cases. Also, thanks for emphasising on the drawbacks.

Gurpreet Singh, Delhi

New Gigs In Town

I will be graduating this year. After considering the current job market scenario and low placement, I was planning to sign up for freelancing. Since nobody in my family has participated in the freelance economy, I was unsure if it would be a good decision. Added to that, I also did not have any precise data to give me a clear picture of demand in the market. Thanks to Outlook Money for coming up with this story cemented with reliable data about the job market.

Nidhi Pandey, New Delhi

Overcome Stress In Uncertain Times

As the dark shadow of pandemic engulfs the globe with each passing day, millions are drowning in serious depression and anxiety. The column by Swami Mukandananda on how to fight this war with empowering minds is truly the need of the hour. Problems are inevitable, but we need to train ourselves accordingly when we are on a battlefield, and it starts with such proven practices.

Saraswati Das, Kolkata

Insurance Goes Paperless

The galloping infection has entirely changed the business dynamics, with a strong infiltration of the new-age technology. However, as the story has mentioned, I am excited to see how things turn out for the insurance industry as there will be less physical interactions between insurance agents and customers. Even though people are welcoming this new move, I highly doubt its longevity, as we all are used to a specific pattern and personal touch.

Mahira Jaiswal, Bangalore

Overcome Stress In Uncertain Times