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OLM Desk - 06 October 2020

Must We Worry About Fall In Jewellery Price?

The interview of Prithviraj Kothari on the present gold and silver market was informative. As gold prices continue to rally and test new highs, as buyers, we are often left with several questions. The queries posed in the article cleared my confusion about the uncertainty of safe-haven demand for gold and also where the future of gold and silver prices lies.

Kushal Kumar, New Delhi

Investment In Gold

I had a great time going through the cover stories, it was quite gripping. I had very limited knowledge on Gold ETF, hence would like to thank Outlook Money for coming up with such topics. It was interesting to know that during uncertainty, these ETFs became the most natural avenue for investors to take cover.

Ayan Banerjee, Kolkata

Is It Right Time To Buy?

I could relate a lot to Anjana Mitra’s story as my family had to go through a similar kind of terror while making wedding arrangements. People are looking for more lighter and wearable jewellery pieces and few are also planning to remake those which they already own. The article was pretty good as it also threw light on the jewellers and how they do not want to lose out on business amid COVID blues.

Sumitra Desai, Mumbai

A Focus On Grievance And Complaint

I am a holder of health insurance policy, and I would like to praise the team for bringing up this subject. Like mentioned, I have gone through my own set of hassles and it has been months since I have despatched the claims, but I am yet to receive any fair acknowledgement. Even though several Insurance Ombudsman claim to have received fewer complaints, I believe a lot needs to be addressed.

Mohua Mondol, Kolkata

Safe Route For Better Returns

Being a new investor, it is easy to get trapped in the complexity and contradictory advice. Such articles help investors to take the first step with a clear and strong mindset, and avoid penny stocks. It is surely necessary to stick to either trading or investment and not mix both.

Siddharth Dey, Gurgaon

USP For Retaining Clients

The column helped me a lot in terms of settling my thoughts regarding advisors. I have often criticized the MF industry based on the available data or reports, but never thought of trying to deepen my knowledge by taking the help of proper advisors. Thank you for highlighting the concept of five C’s - communication, clientele, clarity, calibration with market dynamics and cognitive with technology.

Sanjeev Malhotra, Mumbai

Tremors In Bullion Market

The column was surely the most intriguing one, starting from Warren Buffet’s bet on the gold market to stressful minds of the jewellers.

Sanchari Pandey, Mumbai

Is Copper The New Gold?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story about copper being the new gold. As mentioned in the article, the surge in copper prices is interesting because usually, copper and gold prices move in separate directions. As a layman, I had a question about whether copper is a good investment in 2020. I am glad that the article focused on major factors like the remarkable bounce-back in Chinese demand fuelled by the government’s push to stimulate economic activity, especially in the copper-intensive infrastructure sector.

Neha Roy, Kolkata

Invest To Make Up For The Lost Time

The article bombarded me with a lot of realisations, especially how simply contemplating on retirement planning will only demolish more time. I would like to thank Kapil Jain for sharing his part of lessons from Manoj’s successful investment journey. It might be a stormy start, but patience is the key while investing.

Arti Sharma, Delhi

Loss Aversion Behaviour Can Be A Big Hurdle

I feel this column is the need of the hour. As people are enveloped in crisis, loss aversion can be hurtful. It is praiseworthy how the author linked loss aversion with unbalanced asset allocation.

Abira Das, Kolkata

Ride Your Financial Goals

It was an effective article, asking us to see financial planning through a positive lens. The top seven secrets to financial success were excellent, especially the point on financial literacy. Time and diversification are the best friends of investors. Time allows compound interest to work its magic for investors, while diversification ensures survival across market cycles.

Saloni Mehta, Mumbai

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