Taking The Plunge And Making A Splash

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Taking The Plunge And Making A Splash
Rajat Mishra - 05 March 2020

Perched on a sumptuous couch and instructing her staff to remove one crooked wall painting at one of the plush, Babylonian outlet named as Plum by Bent Chair in Lutyens Delhi  30-year-old Natasha Jain broke into a statement of how being an entrepreneur is all about taking the plunge and making a splash. Plum by Bent chair is a unique concept to eat and buy things simultaneously. Jain, while discussing a roadmap for the launch of her upcoming outlet turns to us and says, “People say I am never happy and always bombard with criticism but I always keep on thinking what else can be done to improve my venture. That is the premise of entrepreneurship.”

 Hailing from a business family, Jain had witnessed the ethics of business from close quarters. This led to her launching a startup.

With her education in industrial engineering and a strong manufacturing foundation, she along with her father brought Bent Chair to life. Chair symbolised the hardest structure in furniture Bent gave it the tinge of flexibility. While leafing through her entrepreneurial cruise  Natasha Jain says that the year when Bent Chair was launched, many disruptions like demonetisation and GST implementation made it somewhat  dicey to keep her startup stay afloat. But even she took all the disruptions head-on and scraped through that tough phase as well.

 Having crisscrossed many countries and being a female, she says that no society is evolved enough to accept female entrepreneurs and there is a sense of disbelief around them.”

 Now Jain has an ambitious plan to come up with outlets of Bent Chair almost in every tier 2 and tier 3 cities and thus at the question of her plans she passes a broad smile and says: “Bent Chair is my baby and I am working day and night to bring it up.”

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