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Team Outlook Money - 25 March 2019

Viviyan, Tamilnadu

I am working in a small-scale company, there are no deductions, my annual income is Rs2.4 lakh. I need a home loan. They are asking for Form 16. Kindly suggest.

Form 16 is equivalent to TDS certificate (now issued from Online downloaded file) in case of TDS deducted from Salary. But presuming that no TDS was deducted by your employer he is not legally bound to issue you Form 16. However, he can help you by issuing manual Form 16 with NIL Tax Deduction.

To get Home Loan alternative, you can submit Income Tax Returns (ITR) of previous years. We here presume that you have not filed any ITR for previous years. So you can file ITR for FY 2017-18 before March 31, 2019 and for FY 2018-19 you can file second ITR after April 2019.

CA Abhishek Raja, Founder and Promoter, GST Panacea


Mahesh, Latur

Sir, PMS fund `25 lakh investment is it better? Compare to shares and mutual funds. Suggest three best performing in last three to five years? What are risks and benefits particularly in election year.

PMS is better than investing directly in shares if you don’t have expertise and time to study n select shares. Investing directly into equity requires knowledge and information for good investing experience and you should be willing to learn the art otherwise outsource the same to fund managers.

PMS should be chosen over Mutual funds only after having met your financial goals. PMS is more risky and less tax efficient than mutual funds as they run concentrated risk.It’s advisable to keep a time horizon of five years + to invest in equity.

Neeraj Chauhan, CEO, The Financial Mall


Gururaj S Kulkarni, gururajskulkarni68@gmail.com

I am a 50-year-old banker, getting `72,000 salary. What will be my pension and commutation amount?

As the break up of Salary is not provided we are presuming the break up as follows:

Basic Salary:  36000

HRA:               18000 (with no retirement benefit)

DA:      9000 (50 per cent with retirement benefit)

Other Taxable Allowances:  9000 (with no retirement benefit) 

Note:  We assumed that he will retire as age of 60 years.


Your target retirement income or pension would be:

50 per cent of Basic Salary: 18,000

0 per cent of HRA:    0

50 per cent of DA:     4500

0 per cent of Other Taxable Allowances: 0

Total Pension:                       22,500

Note: As we don’t know your grade we are unable to calculate your pension as per “Government Service Rules” (GSR).

CA Abhishek Raja,  Founder  and  Promoter, GST Panacea


Manish, Delhi

Could you share some good investment plan? I want `30 lakh in the next 10 year.

You can achieve your goal by investing in equity mutual funds. Start SIP in large and mid-cap fund or multi-cap fund to meet the target. Some good schemes in the  category are Invesco Contra fund, Mirae Asset  Emerging Bluechip fund. Discipline of continuous  investing would be key to your success.

Neeraj Chauhan,

CEO, The Financial Mall


Manju, Tumkur

Is it the best time to buy India bulls housing finance now or not? 

Currently the housing finance industry is going  through some stress. Hence exposure to this sector  is not advised.

Mr. Vijay Kuppa, Co – Founder, Orowealth 



Naveen, Rohtak

Can we invest in the PC Jewellers share  for profit?

The stock was beaten down completely in the near term on account of various corporate governance issues surrounding the company. Since the company is still not out of the woods yet, investing with an objective to earn profit may not play out in the short term. Thus, looking at the prevailing sell-off in the space and issues relating to corporate governance, we would advise you to stay away from the stocks.

Mr. Vijay Kuppa, Co – Founder, Orowealth 


Rajiv Uttankar


Please suggest two good SIP schemes to invest for long-term.

You can consider to start SIPs in any of the leading funds like ABSL frontline Equity, Reliance Large and Multi cap, ICICI Prudential Value Discovery and SBI multi cap funds for long-term investments.

B Gopkumar,

ED and CEO, Reliance Securities

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