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Money Saved Is Money Earned
Lachmi Deb Roy - 30 October 2021
Actor-activist Sonu Sood was the first Bollywood celebrity to organise transport services and send helpless, underprivileged migrants home. He was the first B-town celeb to organise buses for hundreds of migrants who were stuck in Mumbai amid a nationwide Covid lockdown. He had said that he would not rest till the last migrant reaches home. Sood made sure that the migrant labourers didn’t lose hope in humanity. He was selected as the No.1 celebrity in Asia by a UK magazine. Soon, Sood became a household name for extending a helping hand to migrant workers in reaching their villages and reuniting them with their families. In a recent conversation with Outlook Money, Sood expressed his concern: “The pandemic may have come down, but the after-effect is huge.” There are still medical emergencies, people still don’t have jobs and there are many families that are unable to support their children’s education. The pandemic’s negative effects are here to stay. “The money that has been collected is for long-term spending and not just the short term....
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