Learning The Virtue Of Patience

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Learning The Virtue Of Patience
Nirmala Konjengbam - 20 October 2019

A lot of people venture into investment with the idea of saving tax, I am no different. Exemptions of tax was the reason that I also decided to invest in mutual find (MF) but along with saving on taxes I also looked at MF as a good investment option. The idea of investing in MF was to make money as I will get good return in few years.

I was not aware of MF as an investment option and it only began with my father’s advise about the same. I heard that MF gives higher returns in a long period of time. Investment is always a good idea and the first thing that comes to my mind was MF. But the market currently is not doing well, the fund value are at an all time low and that has made me worried a bit.

According to experts the best way to reap the maximum benefit is to stay invested. Hence, I look forward to it and will stay invested in MF. 

I am hoping that the market will recover soon and be back on track. It was in 2012 that I invested in MFs and it was done with an aim of generating a 20 per cent return on investments. Yes, the growth is in negative now, most negative that I have experienced but by staying in the market, I have realised that one should be ready to take the risk to invest in MF.

One should stay invested and remain positive even when the market is not performing well. This will help to stay invested and accept the ups and downs of market movement as it recovers back to being in a healthier state.

I still believe that MF is a good investment option. Currently, it is showing negative but who knows in the coming few days or weeks the fund value will increase to double digit, that is the benefit and opportunity that MF provides. It is impossible to predict market but what is most important with investing in MF is to wait and reap the maximum benefit. 

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