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Coaching Life, Teaching Lifestyle
Lachmi Deb Roy - 01 March 2021

Where illness meets wellness, stands a man, to lead you to a better a life. He has a mission – reaching the depth where chemistry fails to reach. Holistic lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho spotted a gap in the way any disease – the more chronic ones – is treated. It was lifestyle which, if addressed rightly, could add a lot of value to an individual’s health and, in turn, his life. While medicines helped in clinically treating an ailment, its root cause was addressed rarely. This is where began Luke’s journey that made him a pioneer of integrative and lifestyle medicine in the country.

“We help change the lifestyle of an individual to live a better life.” That one sentence sums up the work done by Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems (LCHHS). “We spend time in diagnosing the patient’s root cause of the ailment, and identify the best lifestyle changes using nutrition, exercise, sleep and emotional wellness,” Luke explains. LCHHS focuses on integrative and preventive medicine and diseases. The organisation works with a team of doctors, nutritionists, registered dietitians, yoga therapists, lifestyle coaches, clinical dietitians, emotional and mental health professionals, and integrative medicine specialists from across the world. From India, LCHHS has spread out to the UAE, West Asia, Africa, the UK and the US. The company’s ecosystem offers sustainable and healthy food chains in India. The vision is to help people change their illness to wellness with the right lifestyle.

“Our protocol of integrative and lifestyle medicine is well accepted not just in India, but globally, among royal families, Bollywood celebrities and everywhere. Simply because it makes sense, is simple to follow, and leads to effective results,” says Luke.

Integrity is the key to a healthy lifestyle, he believes. And, financial integrity is inseparable when it comes to a better living. Luke minds his money with as much care with which he mends your lifestyle. He believes that anything not budgeted, not controlled, or not given attention, tends to slip away. Hence, when it comes to managing money, he always works around the principles of investing smart, not living on credit, or spending beyond means, but on things that really matter.  He likes to invest in experience and memories than mere materials that depreciate over time. “At a financial and business level, I manage money by keeping the costs low. But I invest in the right set of people and spare no costs on them because when you have the best people, you also get the best work done,” he says. Luke distributes his investments across fixed deposits, equities, mutual funds, insurance and property. But, what matters most is life. Luke believes that the biggest and the most important investment for an individual is wellbeing. “You may have a lot of money invested in stock markets, but if your health is not taken care of, then soon the sickness can drain out all your wealth. Investing in wellbeing must be the top-most priority, and then comes everything else.”

Luke Coutinho prefers to invest in building safe and solid assets that can take care of the post-retirement life. “We make our investment decisions based on what is really worthy. I believe in investing in a team that can take my vision forward and leaves a legacy behind!”

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