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Challenges Beyond Design
Rajat Mishra - 05 March 2020

Sleeves rolled up till elbows and dusty stains on her pants a 40-year-old Neha Gupta, founder of Beyond Designs, a home décor store, is gearing up for India Design (ID),  the country’s most definitive design and home décor week and the largest congregation of the best in architecture, interiors and décor at NSIC in Delhi. From talking to her kids over the phone to passing instruction to get some crucial work done for ID to keeping a tab on all operations she was juggling a dozen tasks at once, Gupta says: “This is everyday affair and need not to mention but this is the life of entrepreneurs.” Hailing from a middle-class family in Delhi has a strong foundation in her interest areas and traversed the journey successfully in bridging the gap between uncharted territories to making her interest areas his fiefdom. Gupta worked with various firms. Right after she got married, Gupta started working along with her husband and eventually

brought Beyond Designs to life.

Nonetheless, the journey hasn’t been a cakewalk. “It becomes very tough to cope with two clocks sprinting against each other, the biological clock and career clock. One my elder son was born, I did not quit, but had to station myself to one outlet and avoid going out,” she says.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is so ingrained in Gupta.  She has not only experimented with variegated art and antiques but has broadened her entrepreneurial spectrum with Beyond Designs Bistro.

Behind the inception of this venture, lies the philosophy of experimentation that brings a range of options from kaleidoscopic chandelier to prismatic light and from opulent antiques to lip-smacking cuisines. However, Gupta remains is undaunted by any challenge coming  her way. She says sometimes it is really breaking, but at last rejoicing with family and preparing an exciting platter for kids gives her immense satisfaction

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