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A Repeater Of Royalty
Deepak Krishnamoorthy - 01 May 2021

Since time immemorial, timepieces are considered a valuable commodity. The factors that catapult the importance of collectible timepieces include their scientific innovation propriety, precious raw materials and their assembly process. No matter if you’re an ardent watch collector or a budding enthusiast, as it has been the case for centuries, the field of horology will definitely excite you.

So if you’re on the lookout to scale the value of your timepiece collection, here are a few tips to guide you along the way.  There are a number of factors that help determine the value of a pre-owned timepieces.

The following valuation points should be considered, either while purchasing or when you are considering to sell or trading-up a luxury watch.

  • The brand / make of the timepiece
  • Circa or year of production
  • Physical condition of the watch
  • Wear and tear on the case, bezel, leather strap / metal bracelet
  • Specific model number of the watch
  • If the watch is a limited edition / special edition piece
  • If it’s a highly sought after collectible

There are some secondary factors too that affect the overall value of the watch.

  • The extent of the timepiece’s usage
  • If the timepiece was factory serviced or third-party serviced
  • If the prospective purchase comes with an invoice and other documents
  • If the watch is presented along with the original packaging and tags
  • If it’s under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Availability of the model

If you’re looking to own a priceless possession which could be passed onto generations, our upcoming edition, showcases a comprehensive collection that includes vintage masterpieces, as well as modern wristwatches.

You may look out for a limited edition king power carbon fibre semi-skeletonised minute repeating single button chronograph tourbillion wristwatch by Hublot. The presented lot is the 9th piece of a limited edition of 20, launched in 2011. The highlight of this watch is, while most modern minute repeaters, even with the most impressive models, the sound is subdued.

A minute repeater’s primary function is to communicate the time via a code of chimes and is only useful if you can hear it. Most of the time, if you want to use one you need to be in a really quiet room, tell everyone to hush, and place the watch next to your ear in order to hear the little dings. However, when Hublot created a minute repeater, watch out for the carbon fibre. It’s a light material that enables air to reverberate inside the case, creating a clear sounding minute repeater when compared to a minute repeater wristwatch made in gold or platinum.

Another masterpiece to bid for, is the Submariner red steel wristwatch by Rolex. The production of the 1680 Submariner Red began in 1969, 16 years after the launch of the first submariner. The 1680 was the first Submariner to have the date on the dial with a magnifying glass on the plexi glass. The calibre 1570 got replaced by the calibre 1575. It was only after 1973 that the red writing was suppressed and got replaced by a white writing similar to the other lines. Therefore the 1680 Submariner Red model is highly sought-after.

You can also check out for the Patek Philippe 18K Yellow gold perpetual calendar wristwatch. In 1992, Patek Philippe introduced their first tonneau-shaped perpetual calendar — a masterpiece of Art Deco-infused style known as the 5040. This is one of the most elegant complicated watches in existence. The dial of the watch is stunning. The 5040 is the very first serially produced Patek perpetual calendar to feature Breguet numerals as indexes. These are complemented of course by — what else — Breguet-style hands and a refined chemin de fer minute track. The watch is driven by Patek’s gorgeous micro-rotor embedded on the calibre movement.

Sports lovers may have a look at Hublot, a limited edition big bang king power red devil Manchester united wristwatch. The presented lot is part of the third batch of special limited edition creations showcased by Hublot in collaboration with Manchester United Football Club (MUFC). This edition’s offering will definitely be a treat for Manchester United fans, considering the watch comes from the actual Old Trafford stadium. The applied elements exhibit a green tone. Attributed to the famous grass from the stadium. Hublot experimented with how to do this and finally came up with a process that involves freeze drying and then lacquering segments of the grass. The 48mm wide watch is based on the King Power collection and comes in two case materials.

A limited edition version of 500 pieces comes in black matte ceramic, while the presented lot is part of a limited edition batch of 250 pieces in 18K King gold (presented lot’s edition number – 188/250). The dial also has a bright red Manchester United Devil mascot figure.

The author is a Timepiece Expert at AstaGuru

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