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Mr Financial Fixit Fixing Finance Lives

Agents, distributors, brokers, or a little upscale, wealth managers or financial advisors. Call them by whatever name, they can unmake and remake your future with financial security.

‘The Future For Facilitators Is Advisory’

‘The Future For Facilitators Is Advisory’

Settle Your SCORES With Broke Brokers

Investor grievance redressal gathers importance with more and more brokers defaulting. Sebi launches an online complaint filing and tracking facility for the ease of investing in the market.

There’s Gold In Greenbuck

Climate change is a roaring concern around the world, while funds related to climate change issues are making giant leaps quietly to emerge as the next investment destination for the medium to long haul

Have You Seen A ‘Teji’?

It is the ‘Teji’ of the economy, and not that of the stock market. It provokes, evokes and invokes the market sentiment and the consumer mindset

Debtors’ Paradise Lost

The concept of commercial justice is fast emerging in India, especially with post-pandemic moratorium

Moms! Finance Isn’t About Pops Alone

Single mother or soon-to-be mother or working mother or homemaker, whatever you are, you need to be proactive in setting your financial goals

Mood Swings Of Mr Market

We can classify stocks into different segments based on Mr Market’s optimism and pessimism. Let’s explore the ‘buy’ opportunities across the sentiment spectrum of the Intelligent Investor

You Needn’t Be Rich To Be Wealthy

A celebrity’s worth slumps. A homeless pauper leaves behind $1.4 million. The difference: the first spends, the second invests

Creative Folks, It’s Your Time Now

Listen to the soul inside you and do what you love doing the most. Tell the world what you’re best at. But you need to know all about it. Pamper your mind and passion with a professional outlook. Success is inevitable

A Repeater Of Royalty

Horology is a passion and owning classic wristwatches and timepieces is a mark of pride. There are a few things you need to know while buying or selling such a work of art.

Bridging The Gap, One Step At A Time

Evolving in sync with the changing time is a must to pre-empt uncertainties that the life unfolds. You must have clarity about your requirements and must be cautious to plan for the exigency. Your gaps are plugged and you’re ready to face the life all guarded

A Guide Fit For Every Pocket In Equity Market

Affordable advisory services are coming up in a big way with an increasing number of youths and millennials turning to the equity market amid Covid-induced restrictions.

Beyond The Raging Waves

Most investment options look foggy with the markets reeling under the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic. Experts suggest restraint and measured steps for investors, but push them for building an emergency fund with at least three months’ salary

‘Volatility May Sustain For Next Few Quarters’

‘Volatility May Sustain For Next Few Quarters’

MFs The Best For Any Tenure Of Investment

MFs The Best For Any Tenure Of Investment

Rafting In High Seas

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a better option for trading in the equity market than investing directly into equities unless you have enough insight into the subject and experience in the trade

Homeward Bound

Home loan interest rates are at historical lows. Extended tax sops from the government, and favourable fiscal policies make it the right time to invest in real estate. It’s a win-win for both the buyer and the developer.



Talk Back

Talk Back

Covered, Yet Battered

Rejection of insurance claims is a regular affair in the field of medical insurance, health insurance and motor insurance. Rejection by the insurer is not the end of the world. You have the right to fight for your claim

Cover Crumbles On Fake Comorbidity Papers

Giving fake comorbidity certificates in the race for Covid vaccine is as risky as hiding pre-existing diseases and eventually being denied cover

Morningstar: Mutual Fund Guide

Morningstar: Mutual Fund Guide

Borrowing Against The Blues

Both gold loan and loan against property have their unique features and drawbacks but if you need the funds for an urgent medical emergency, the balance tilts in favour of gold loan

Betting On Beats

He invests in skill to sail through choppy waters, creativity to glide through rough air, and realty to face the life

The Wheel Of Fortune

Is the auto sector back on track? Is it a good time to invest in auto stocks? The BSE Auto Index is up 80 per cent and experts are bullish about strong fourth-quarter earnings.

Driving Out Of Darkness

A prolonged slowdown in the industry drove all segments of the auto sector into record lows but the industry shows amazing resilience to steer out of the woes and hits the fast lane.

Cover A First, Be It A Second-Hand Car

Insurance cover is a must even if it’s a used car. Either the cover comes bundled with the vehicle or you need to choose it afresh while making the purchase.

Bang On Bourse When IT’s Hot

With IT companies making big strides, investors are flocking to IT stocks, despite worries if the rally would last beyond the Covid woes. Experts see sustainable growth for the Indian IT sector, backed by solid macros and rising global demand