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Her Funds, Let Her Take A Call

Women in the top seats at fund houses harp on the sheer need for each one to be equipped to manage her own finances and have a say in the financial matters at home

Planning Isn’t All About Men Alone

Women have failed to do sufficient financial strategy for over 53% of their life goals. Time has come for them to take control of funds and make their dreams come true

An Abacus For Her Jigsaw Of Life

Like it or not, rural women may be financially savvier than their urban sisters. Microlenders educate the former with the math of money to help them live better and realise their dreams

A Small Step For Her, A Giant Leap For Herself

She’s no less a dreamer. She dares chase her dream. She finds herself in her small success. She’s no less a doer in India’s dream run to be a $5-trillion economy. Her triumph gives her the identity. Outlook Money picked up five such achievers

12 Steps To Education in 2021

From the government and policymakers to teachers and students– everyone must adapt to the new system of education

Glide To Your Retreat

Go heavy on equity when you’re young and shift to debt funds as you age, then de-risk yourself for the most blissful life in retirement

No Common Norm

Wealth-creation does not necessarily mean allocating a certain number of years. Instead, get in, get out, and between the two acts, book profits

Long-Run Bull Streak

Commodity supercycles last for over a decade. It’s time to buy and hold your investments in agri, crude, infrastructure, metal and mining

Corrections Do Pay Off

An entrepreneur meets her long-term financial goals by trusting the financial advisor to guide her through the market volatility and invest in the right funds

Silver Is The New Gold In 2021

White metal keeps up its rally, though yellow metal sees a price correction. Experts advise investors to buy silver with a measured step, keeping in mind the volatility factor

Parking Funds In ‘New Normal’ India

Uncertainty in a post-pandemic world has left investors puzzled. Most sectors have started showing a revival but experts advise to keep a long-term horizon and take measured steps in choosing where to invest you money

The Famous Five Behold Mapping The Road Ahead

From the shadow of Enid Blyton, there are five icons who stand a proxy for the rest of the investing world. Our eclectic dashboard has storied investors like Ray Dalio at one end and hardcore fund management professionals like Karen Risi on the other



Talk Back

Talk Back

FPI Total Holding Hits Record $592.5 Bn

FPI Total Holding Hits Record $592.5 Bn

Sebi Eases MPO For Large Firms

Sebi Eases MPO For Large Firms

Resilient Business Growth

The scrip saw a 66 per cent rise on February 19, against last year, way ahead of the BSE IT index

Riding Strong Volumes

A 37 per cent rise in stock prices over last year indicate a good prospect for long-term investors

A Fit-For-All Cover Waiting To Be Unveiled

IRDAI has standardised the terms and conditions and inclusion and exclusions for life and non-life cover policies to offer subscribers a perfect entry-level package that would promote insurance penetration in India

Care For A Cover?

Go for a specific health insurance plan that ensures to pay for entire treatment and acts as a saviour during a loss of income

Morningstar: Mutual Fund Guide

Morningstar: Mutual Fund Guide

Coaching Life, Teaching Lifestyle

Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho parks his money in wellbeing to put the wealth into best use

Macroeconomic Factors

RBI’s growth projection for FY2022 above 10 per cent along with softening prices cheer the economy