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Selling Life Breathing Life

The largest public issue in the history of India’s capital market is expected later this year with an estimated value of Rs 1 lakh crore. The LIC IPO will give the individual investor an opportunity to be part of one of the biggest and oldest brands of the country that is built solely on trust and confidence.

A Brand Of ‘Old Trust’

LIC as a brand stands for years of trust, touching the lives of millions. The two hands circling the lamp project an unmatched image of life insurance, even stiff competition has failed to break

Retire, And Earn More

There are products, where either the income or maturiry amount is tax-free. Retirees, who receive lump sums, can take a close look

Playbook Of An Investor

Leveraging can earn profits, if you are agile and alert. But managing a chain of assets is not an easy task. The main villain is avarice

Seek A Career, Not A Job

Reinvent, redefine, restrategise, re-learn after un-learning, and refocus in the post-pandemic world. Take the right lessons

Husain, Raza Or Souza?

The choice is yours, as Indian artists command huge premiums. Last year, a Gaitonde sold for an unbelievable Rs 32 crore

There’s No Age For Investment

A 93-year-old Army General changes his traditional outlook and starts investing in different asset classes to reap robust returns

Don’t Sell, LEND Dont Buy, BORROW

Both the giver and receiver of shares can make money through this mechanism. The risks are minimal as deals are conducted via brokers, and monitored by the exchange

A Speck Of Gold Every Month

Investing Rs 500 a month can help the rural poor finish their gold rush



Talk Back

Talk Back

Cost Is The Key

New-age ULIPs are offering big-ticket discounts to lure millennials. There’s a fear of hidden costs

Escape From Premium Spike

Porting is an option, but your coverage may suffer and result in exclusion of diseases

Morningstar: Mutual Fund Guide

Morningstar: Mutual Fund Guide

Till Debt Do Us Apart

It’s an investigation into the snare and snarl of debt, deceit, and deception. It led to the vilification of thousands of borrowers, and a dozen suicides. The regulators and industry experts were caught napping

Amount Involved Will Increase

Hyderabad’s ACP, Shikha Goel, whose team was the first to investigate the scam, says there may be more global kingpins, and money may have been laundered. Excerpts from an interview with Jyotika Sood

Instant Trap of Unsecured Loans

Don’t get tricked by fast-money scam. For a week’s loan of Rs 1,000, you may have to repay Rs 1,150, or an annual interest of 780 per cent. And if you fail, harassment and humiliation await your family, friends, and colleagues

Tick These Boxes For Hassle-Free Claims Settlement

While insurers strive towards paying all genuine claims at the earliest, customers should take a few measures to avoid repudiation and ensure hassle-free claims settlement

Life Insurance Saves Tax While Getting Your Finances In Order

There are many life insurance products one can choose from, but term insurance is the only product that covers pure risk

Insurers Turn COVID-19 Disruptions Into Opportunity

Once again, the life insurance industry is presented with an option to improve penetration levels and introduce offering to new customer segments

Earn, Don’t Look After Money

Bollywood actor Ratna Pathak Shah seeks advice from her brother-in-law and bank’s relationship manager