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Out, You Taxing Year!

There’s still hope; there’s still time. Himali Patel tells you how to correct your tax planning in case the pandemic threw it out of gear

Calculate To Evaluate

In these times, taxpayers have to forego planning, and focus on how to retain money in their hands. They can change their returns. Interview by Himali Patel and Vishav

Education Redefined

Multi-skilling is the new trend in globalised PhyGital learning

Sound To Retire?

Be financially ready to leave active work and live on your own terms

Accumulate As Going Gets Tough

The journey of an investor, who lost wealth and quit the market in a huff during the global meltdown, but re-entered and enjoyed rallies during 2009 and 2014. One can only create wealth by spending time in the market, rather than by timing the market

In Cold Storage?

Logistics stocks zoomed due to news about COVID-19 vaccines. But adverse political and financial factors may reverse the trend

Down But Not Out

ELSS is not merely for tax savings. Nor should you avoid it in favour of direct investing

Don’t Back These Buys

Buybacks help you to save taxes and earn premiums over market prices. But if you participate in them, they can eliminate the possibilities of higher profits later

2021: Year Of Small-Caps?

Smaller stocks may outperform the others this year. The rise can be 30 per cent more than in headline indices

The Cryptic Crypto-World

Digital currency is the new asset category. But risks are high due to volatility, lack of regulation and tax confusion

Finding Freedom

A woman from a remote tribal village in West Bengal seeks financial awareness after getting duped by Ponzi schemes



Talk Back

Talk Back

Forecast For 2021

The economy is steadily realigning itself after the trail of destruction led by the pandemic. Outlook Money looks at a few hot sectors

Margins Drive Growth

Under-penetration and expansion of juice distribution to aid the company

Promising Asset Quality

Long-term objective of shifting loan mix, higher realisation of liability to help

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The new standard term insurance plan is easy to understand, and perfect for first-time buyers and low-income individuals. But the sum assured is low, and it is a pure-risk plan

Common Man’s Wishlist

FM needs to hike deductions under 80D, and lower capital gains tax

Greater Expectations

FM has to decide whether to feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future. Either way, she has to focus on reforms and growth

Morningstar: Mutual Fund Guide

Morningstar: Mutual Fund Guide

Claims Settlement Faster Than Ever

From artificial intelligence to chatbots to WhatsApp based services, there are a host of advancements happening on the digital side to simplify customer services

Future of Insurance Distribution In The “New Normal”

Insurers are offering multiple virtual tools to the sales force and partners in order to help them leverage their skills and efficiently service customers

Wealth In Wellness

Pooja Bedi, actor and founder of Happy Soul, talks about staying invested—in art, gold, Mutual Funds, property and well-being

Advantage Annuity

They may not be as attractive as equity and mutual funds. But they act as shock absorbers, and guarantee regular income