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Treading Unchartered Path To Success

In this Outlook Money Women’s Special edition we are featuring 13 such brilliant women who dared to take the challenge of starting their own business and followed their dreams.

Dreams Have No Expiry Date

Latika Chakravorty, Latika’s Bag

Building Her Legacy

Manju Yagnik, Nahar Group

Challenges Beyond Design

Neha Gupta, Beyond Designs

Shore Amid The Ocean Of Fetters

A day in the life of an entrepreneur

Creating One’s Capacious Cavern

Women making inroads into territories dominated by men

Creditor Queen

Hena Jain Tatia, StuCred

En cashing Dreams

Swati Bhargava, CashKaro

The Seafaring Sultana

Abhilasha Negi, Sankash

Lending A Hand To Realise Dreams

The government has several schemes that can help women entrepreneurs achieve their goals

The Prima Donna of Data

Meghna Suryakumar, CrediWatch

It Is Better To Wear Out Than Rust Out

Harbhajan Kaur, Harbhajan’s

The Millionarie Madonna

Kalpana Saroj, Founder, Kamani Tubes

Weaving Her Own Web

How strong women are balancing things and making a mark

Mindful Methods Of Mass Dynamism

Receiving a stay from ITAT to cost much more than before

Awareness Is Indeed Empowering

Women taxpayers should be cognizant of the major tax provisions

Regents’ Share In Fintech Realm

An analysis of womens’ contribution towards the fintech ecosystem

Deftly Mapping Her Own Manor

Women must take charge of estate planning on their own

Kotak Savings Fund

Investment Strategy

On Her Own Terms

On Her Own Terms