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Guide Books To The Art Of Investing In Mutual Funds
Rajat Mishra - 23 February 2020

We always talk about where to invest your money in, so that you will get a good return but what about those who are still learning about various avenues to park their money into. Mutual funds as we always say is one of the best avenues to get good returns depending upon your goals and your risk appetite.

So, if you want to learn about the intricacies of mutual funds and their various types, what are the books that you can go through so that you will be aware of all the nuances related to it. So, let us quickly go through the various books that are available.

  1. Mutual Funds: Ladder to Wealth Creation

IF you are a beginner and still learning the basic concepts related to various investment creation then this is the book you should start with. This book will make you aware of all the nuances related to it. Also, will make you aware of the avenue and how to invest intelligently to fetch a very good return.

2. Bogle On Mutual Funds: New Perspectives For The Intelligent Investor

This is another very important book that can give you a detailed description about the necessary things you should know before investing. Also, it describes what are the various things you should and should not do while investing in any asset class? This book is a must for every beginner aspiring to get good returns.

3. A Guide To Mutual Fund Investment

If you think you can get a good return by investing in mutual funds, then this is an effective book to know in detail about the Indian mutual fund industry. This book also comes up with all the precautions that should take before investing in this asset class. Go and grab a copy of this book.

4.Mutual Fund: An Industry Handbook

This book is written by Lee Gremillion. It is also considered as a bible for learning the art of investing in mutual funds. This book brings you all major and minor features associated with the mutual fund industry. And thus it attracts the attention of every professional and a novice who wants to have mastery over this.

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