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Survival of the truest
Anagh Pal - 13 April 2018

One of the brightest actors of the Bengali film fraternity, Parambrata Chatterjee shot to fame with his portrayal of Satyaki ‘Rana’ Sinha, the police officer who helps the lead character Vidya Balan in the film Kahaani (2012). In his latest, he has acted with Anushka Sharma in the horror flick Pari. Having started his career with Bengali television, Chatterjee eventually launched his own production house so he could write and produce his own films. In a chat with Outlook Money’s Anagh Pal, the actor spoke about the role of money in his life and how he manages to strike a balance.

What is your relationship with money?

I would think that money is very, very important. It is one of the prime driving forces, whether we accept it or not. In ancient times it was barter; today it’s a different kind of money. I have had a strange relationship with money. I have enjoyed life when I had more money, but I have always been clear that I would not let money completely control my head, heart, and aesthetics.

What has been one of your money mistakes?

In the early days of my career, say till five or six years ago, I always under-quoted. I have known friends and colleagues who knew how to quote well, negotiate, and draw the line. For me, it was more like “whatever budget you have and whatever I’m quoting; let’s reach midway and settle it”. I have under-quoted at times –- under-quoted my salary, my fees, my worth... that’s something I probably should not have done.

Your first big purchase?

I come from a middle-class, highly educated, ‘typically Bengali’ background, where people always believe in thinking higher than living higher. My first big purchase after I started working, way back in 2002, was a sound system that played both CDs and cassettes. It was my first big purchase.

What key money lesson have you learned over time?

Our relationship with money should be like two friendly neighbours or partners. You let them contribute to your life and success and journey, but at the same time you need to retain your sovereignty.

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