Upgrade Your Insurance Cover To Protect Your Car During Monsoons

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Upgrade Your Insurance Cover To Protect Your Car During Monsoons
Nirmala Konjengbam - 27 June 2019

The monsoons are finally here and what a relief it would be from the scorching summers. While it will bring respite from the heat, monsoon also has the possibility of burning a hole in your pocket. Yes, espcially for car owners. It has been observed that the general insurance companies generally witness a massive rise in car insurance claims during monsoons on account of damage. One of the most common damage faced by car owners during monsoons is engine breakdown due to hydrostatic loss. Needless to say that, one needs to get the same fixed and sooner the better it is. This is where the importance of insurance comes in.

So what to do to in order to have proper insurance coverage?

A third party insurance cover for car owners is mandatory in India and to be completely secure one must make sure a car insurance covers monsoon related damages.

A comprehensive car insurance plan offers coverage for fire, theft, natural and man-made catastrophes, such as a flood, wind storm, hail storm, tornado, hurricane vandalism, damage caused to your vehicle by animals, falling objects, civil disturbance, such as a riot that causes damages to your car.

Most comprehensive insurance plans, however, do not cover wear and tear and ageing of a car, depreciation, mechanical or electrical breakdown, damaged caused to tubes and tyres.

Always buy an insurance according to your requirements and know what is covered under the plan. This will avoid misunderstanding at the time of claim. You can opt for add-ons option for extra protection against unforeseen events.

The internet is one of the simplest and quickest mode to buy car insurance. Do some research and compare available car insurance plans and pick the suitable one with more covers and lesser premium.

However, one must stay away from opting for low premium always because that could exclude necessary covers. A perfect balance of premium and covers is advised.

Many general insurers provide online claim settlement process, on the spot settlement, pick up facilities for damage car, cashless claims, send photograph or video of damage car for speedy claim settlement.

To be on the safer side, check for claim settlement ratio. Higher the claim settlement ratio lesser chances of rejecting a claim. A thoughtful decision will give you peace of mind at crucial time without financial stress. Your car insurance is the best way to protect your car during monsoon season.

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