Caring for Your Caregiver

Choosing the right medical insurance policy for your mother can save you from extra monetary burden in emergency

Caring for Your Caregiver
Caring for Your Caregiver
Ajay Shah - 09 May 2021

Birth itself is the most beautiful gift that a mother blesses her children with and nothing can compensate for the love, care, and selfless protection that she showers on her children, all through her life.

However, we must acknowledge that as years go by, mother, who we’ve always seen as a pillar of strength, might need our support to enable her to sustain good health. More often than not, we observe that mothers, like any parent, often end up ignoring their health while delivering their duties towards their family, especially children.

Therefore this Mother’s Day, let us present our mothers with a comprehensive Health Insurance plan, a gift that assures them access to quality healthcare when they need it the most.

Choosing the Best for Your Mother

Multi-tasking while managing both household and work is an everyday phenomenon for most women. Stress, lack of proper sleep, and the inability to manage a healthy diet put them at a higher risk of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. With a health insurance policy in hand, handling such unexpected medical expenses can be much easier.

To manage any crisis effectively, it is important to plan ahead and plan comprehensively. Therefore, opting for a comprehensive health insurance policy can ease your way with its multiple features and benefits. This policy ideally offers extensive coverage including outpatient and inpatient treatments and provides a plethora of wellness benefits that help promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy:

  1. Care, before You Need It: Being health conscious is the need of the hour, staying alert and aware helps you to take timely and informed decisions. A comprehensive health policy not only addresses your hospitalisation expenses but also offers regular medical check-ups to keep you addressed about your health parameters and enables timely action where required.

  2. The ‘Whole’ Concept: Thorough in-patient care is what a comprehensive insurance policy aims for. Its complete protection also encompasses coverage for related pre-and post-hospitalisation OPD expenses along with the ambulance service cost and home treatments. It also provides a much-needed cover for Covid-19 as well.

  3. Increase in Lifestyle Illnesses: A shift in our lifestyles has made us more prone to a wide range of health disorders. Unhealthy eating habits, hectic work schedules, and rising levels of pollution have increased the risk of chronic health problems that attract high treatment costs. A well-rounded policy ensures these costs are addressed.

  4. Rising Medical Costs: Medical costs have undoubtedly increased substantially. People tend to spend a significant part of their savings to address medical emergencies. By purchasing the right health insurance policy, one can better manage their medical expenditure.

  5. Cashless Facility: Insurance companies tie-up with hospitals directly so that insurers can directly pay the claim amount to the hospital and you don’t need to take the longer route of reimbursement and block your funds. You should look at how comprehensive an insurer’s network is and does it include your preferred hospitals.

  6. Insure Early: There is no right age to buy a policy but it is better if you get one early since if you try enrolling in a health plan at a progressed age, you might find it difficult owing to pre-existing health conditions.

  7. Individual Insurance: Health insurance offered by employers might not be sufficient to cover all your healthcare costs comprehensively. Furthermore, one could be at risk of being without any coverage, in between jobs, or after retirement. It is therefore wise to opt for personal health insurance coverage.

  8. Emphasis on ‘Save More’: The policy acts as an umbrella (cover) over your savings and keeps them safe even at the time of crisis. By providing financial support for medical treatment and hospitalisation expenses, it ensures your savings remain untouched.

  9. Additional Benefits: Choose a comprehensive health plan which covers the cost of miscellaneous consumables and healthcare items. Care Health Insurance has introduced an add-on cover called ‘Care Shield’ that is specially designed to cover more than 60 non-payable consumables that are typically not covered by health insurance plans. Furthermore, ‘Care Shield’ also increases your sum insured every year in line with inflation.

It is often said knowledge is power, so now that you know various aspects of choosing an ideal health insurance cover, let us show our love for our mothers by presenting them with a comprehensive health cover. Let’s show that we truly ‘Care’ for her.

The author - Director Retail Business, Care Health Insurance (Formerly Religare Health Insurance)

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