Are We Really Ready For 5G?

The increase in frequency radiations is exponential as compared to 4G

Are We Really Ready For 5G?
Are We Really Ready For 5G?
Ajay Poddar - 19 March 2021

In a world where we are constantly surrounding ourselves with more and more technological advancements, it is impossible to pause and re-think. It is also impossible now to slow down this progression, but if it is at the cost of our health and wellness, our lives, it is worth to take a moment and think it through all over again. 5G will open up a box of troubles for our health and environment. Do we really need 5G technology to survive? Do our children deserve this damage?

5G network has a frequency that lies between 62GHz to 150GHz, whereas 4G network has a frequency of 4000MHz. The change from 3G to 4G was only 1000MGz which was a small increase in the emission of radiation. On the other hand, the change from 4G to 5G is an exponential change in the amount of frequency, thus making 5G 150-300 times harmful.

5G Radiation Beams As Weaponized Crowd-Control Systems

The U.S. Army uses 5G-like radiation beams to push back targeted individuals, instantly producing an intolerable sensation of heat that causes them to flee. If the beam hits you, you may feel like your body is on fire.

5G network is more concentrated, and faster in nature. To maintain this speed and quality, towers of 5G have to be installed closer to each other (approximately 100 meters away) as compared to any older networks. This means that 5G would require up to five times the infrastructure as 3G or 4G deployments. Not only will there be more radio signals transmitting 5G, but the radios will also have to be closer to you, which will increase your exposure to harmful EM radiations, leading to various possible health issues.

The upcoming 5G network is undoubtedly intended to help us cope with our fast-paced lives, but unknowingly it is taking us two steps back in terms of health and wellness. With 5G entering the market, it is now our responsibility to educate the masses about the adverse health effects arising from the same, and, thus, adopt ways by which they can be minimized.

Keeping your distance and using wired gadgets instead of Bluetooth technology are some steps.

Although the safety parameter depends on the number of transmitting antennas on a mobile tower, it is still considered that a minimum of 400 meters distance is safe. As per our internal testing, the safe distance from a wi-fi source, like a router, is 7-8 feet. Whereas, for a server room it is 10-12 feet.

Modern technology has taken over us but there are now solutions available in the market like Envirochip and Enviroglobes that can help protect you from Wi-Fi radiation of various devices and external sources such as mobile transmission towers and high-tension power lines.

The author is Managing Director and Founder of Syenergy Environics