When is the right time to retire?

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OLM Desk - 12 August 2015

When is the right time to retire?

When to retire is a personal choice and it comes with financial implications. Effectively, there is no right time for retirement. If your financial situation, health, age and feelings about your job all point towards retirement, it’s time to call it a day. Ideally, you should work as long as you can which again depends on your financial stability, liabilities and needs before planning to retire. The retirement age in most organisations is between 60 and 65 years, with a few going to as much as 75 years or even more. Warren Buffett is in his 80s and is no hurry to quit. Ratan Tata retired as 75 from the Tata Group, but continues to be an active investor in young companies and oversees the philanthropic activities of Tata Sons. So, one may retire early, on time or late depending on individual choice.


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