Good news for capacity seekers

Entrepreneurs find a new platform to connect with capacity providers in the form of Shareconomy

Good news for capacity seekers
Good news for capacity seekers
Rounak Kumar Gunjan - 29 September 2017

Lending and borrowing have forever been an existential reality despite the rising purchasing power over the years. Borrowing for home, personal use, car, education among others as part of conventional loans and business to business loans are becoming increasingly popular given the ease in sanctions and relatively lower and flexible EMI options.

In line with the same, Rajhans (Desai- Jain) group led Shareconomy, a digital platform, caters to the needs of capacity seekers by acting as a facilitator and connects these seekers to capacity owners.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs struggle to raise the capital to start their own business in the event of which spare capacity utilisation can act as a major support by eliminating the need of major capital investment.

Shareconomy, claiming themselves to be the first-of-its-kind online B2B aggregator connect industrial capacity owners to potential capacity seekers.

Outlook Money got in touch with Jayesh Desai, Founder and Chairman – Shareconomy to share details about the new platform. Edited excerpts:

What is Shareconomy?

Shareconomy is designed to provide market intelligence and insights into key aspects of industrial growth. It aims at providing a mutually beneficial relationship between industrial capacity owners and potential capacity seekers. Its key features include working vigorously towards realising aspirations of new businesses and ventures by offering them versatile range of capacities at preferred locations and matching to their exact requirements. Not just that, Shareconomy provides expertise on various aspects of business and also keeps in mind keeping at bay complex business environment by making it more accessible and uncomplicated.

A walk-through of the website as to how does one apply for a capacity requirement.

MSMEs are our premium target customers as lot of MSMEs are unable to raise funds from the market to expand their capacities and operations. What MSMEs need to do is log in to our website and create an account which is free of cost. After that, we provide capacity seekers a list of capacities out of which they choose their required capacity. Capacity seekers/MSMEs are then provided with a platform to post their needs and find the best option from a pool of capacity owners registered on our platform. We connect both the capacity owners and capacity seekers and make this complex process hassle free for them.

Add to more, we also provide expert guidance on different aspects of businesses such as evaluation of competence, marketing and also help find the right people for any specific business needs, to name a few. It also offers a range of allied services to help capacity owners and seekers such as technical and financial due diligence, product design and development, label design, company formations, etc. Shareconomy plans to do away with the complex business environment by making it much more hassle-free, accessible, and of course, uncomplicated.

What is your take on B2B lending and it being unregularised in the country. Also, where do you see Shareconomy in the space?

The reason for unregularised B2B lending in India is that B2B ecommerce market in India is complex as compared to B2C ecommerce market.

As far as Shareconomy is concerned, it is a great time to be in the B2B ecosystem as B2B Startup ecosystem is growing in full swing and there will be tremendous demand for B2B platforms in the near future. We at Shareconomy aim at solving a very major and widespread problem among MSME’s i.e. Capacity Utilisation and need of capacities. For Shareconomy I can see a bright future ahead where demand for capacities is increasing with the growing economy. Currently we are witnessing traction of 50-55 genuine customers per day and we are developing our facilities to increase that number. Within a span of 22 months since inception, big brands such as Chitale Dairy, Global Consumer Products, Baker Perkins UK, Top Gear, Shakti Bhog, Ghodawat Consumer Products, etc. are using our platform for their capacity related requirements.

We are looking forward to bring ease in regional, national and transnational industry alliances. We are currently operational in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Surat, Kolkata, and Hyderabad and are working towards expanding our business in Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh, nationally. We also plan to expand our operations internationally in countries like US, UK, and Singapore.