Want To Master Finance? Check Out These Courses From BSE Institute

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Want To Master Finance? Check Out These Courses From BSE Institute
Anagh Pal - 15 September 2019

If you are looking to learn more about finances and looking to grab a better understanding of the stock markets, you always choose to pursue a course from the BSE institute - a 100 per cent subsidiary of BSE Limited.

The institute offers a wide range of programs covering diverse areas including finance, financial markets, banking, insurance, technology, data science, AI, Machine learning, leadership, entrepreneurship, corporate governance and law. “The programs are meant for various audience segments from undergraduates, post graduates, working professionals, C Level executives, homemakers, senior citizens and budding entrepreneurs,” said Ambarish Datta MD & CEO, BSE Institute.

Here’s a look at some of the programs offered by the institute:

Programs for the amateur investor

BSE institute has a number of programs meant for novice investors which are designed to take them step by step through the process of identifying investments that suit their investment goals, and risk appetite. The idea is to further equip them with the knowledge and skills to:

  1. track, build , monitor their investment portfolios

  2. take timely calls to address risks

Programs For Professionals

There are Management Development Programs as well as skill upgrade programs for professionals. The post graduate courses are meant for fresh graduates or graduates with work experience who are looking at building their career in different areas of expertise like Financial Markets – Masters in Global Financial Markets, Financial Technology – Masters in Financial Technology , Banking – Post Graduate Program in Banking and Finance and so on. A couple of courses deserve a special mention.

  1. Advanced Management Program: This is offered in collaboration with IIM Lucknow. This is one year weekend program meant for professionals with a minimum of 5 years work experience. This includes 2 visits to the IIM Lucknow campus.

  2. Certificate Program in Business Analytics: This is offered in collaboration with IIT Chennai. This is one year weekend program meant for professionals looking to build a career in the rapidly growing business analytics industry

In addition, online executive programs in various areas of specialisation like, investment management, market analysis, securities and business law, financial journalism and risk management are also offered.

Certificate Courses For All

These are meant for professionals who are looking at honing their skills in their chosen area of specialisation like, Anti Money Laundering, GST, Treasury and Forex, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

Pedagogy At BSE

The classroom sessions are a mix of case study discussions and hands on practice exercises, making the learning more comprehensive. The learning modules offer both the advantages of face to face learning as well as technology-based learning.

The curriculum is constantly updated keeping in mid industry trends, regulatory guidelines and best global practices. The institute has a panel of industry professionals and academicians who review the curriculum and help upgrade it.

“You should keep in mind your aptitude, your area of interest and your willingness to put in your best effort. The institute will take care of providing you with the most cutting edge knowledge and skills in the domain, fine-tuning your personality traits and also provide you with best minds in the industry as faculty to guide you,” said Datta.

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