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B Gopkumar - 29 August 2018

I have started 2 SIP in last year. ABSL frontline equity fund growth (2500) and sbi blue chip fund regular plan growth (2500). Now i want to invest another 5000/- through SIP. Please suggest and let me know if the above mentioned Funds are good enough to continue with. Thanks.

In absence of required details about your risk profile and considering your current investments in both the SIPs, we assume your investment profile to be as a moderate risk taker. You can consider either increasing further allocation in existing funds or start new SIPs in multi-cap funds like SBI Magnum Multi-cap fund, L&T India Value fund & ABSL Equity growth fund.

Good morning sir, I would like to know about term return policy on health insurance sector. I need to buy health insurance both me 39 and wife 35. please do reply. Thanks have a nice day.

As of now we haven’t heard about health insurance policies offering return of premiums. However, some of the life insurance companies are offering term insurance policies with return of premium at the end of policy tenure. Life assured can also opt for additional critical illness policy/rider covering major life threatening illnesses, which will trigger claim pay out only on confirm detection of covered illness to life assured.

How to compute income from house property for assessment year 2018-19. my House was let out since sept 2017 for Rs. 8500.00 p.m. till July30, 2018.

Assessment Year 2018-19 will account for all your income during 1st April 2017 to 31st March 18. In your case you should consider income received from house let out during September 2017 to March 2018 for assessment year 2018-19.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and we do not promote any brand or funds here.

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