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Vijay Kuppa - 04 February 2019

Vishal, sanghavi.100@gmail.com, Dallas, Texas: I am currently in the US on work visa. I was thinking about buying a term life insurance for my wife and I in India for amount of Rs 3 crore for 30 years period. Can you guide me on a good term life insurance provider in India and also what will be my approx annual premium?

There are several factors linked to selecting a good term Insurance Plan like Claim settlement ratio, Tenure of the cover, Market penetration etc. Based upon this, you can look for a couple of Term Insurance providers such as HDFC, ICICI, TATA AIA, Max, and LIC. For determining the approx value of your annual premium we need to know about your Age and Medical history.

Srini, psrao_pdn@yahoo.co.in, Bangalore: Can we hold taking money from ULIP policy after completion of maturity date? I want to take my money after 3 or 4 months. Since current markets position is not good.

No, one cannot hold a ULIP after Maturity.

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