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How helpful is CAS?
OLM Desk - 05 June 2017

I want to know more about CAS statement. How helpful is it?

Vivek Singh, Bhopal

The consolidated account statement (CAS) is a statement of transactions and investments across mutual funds and depository accounts that an investor might have. Since March 2015, SEBI has instructed depository participants to take the responsibility of consolidating all the investment information of an investor by Permanent Account Number (PAN), and sending a monthly statement to the investor. If the investor has a registered email address, this statement would be sent electronically. If not, it could be delivered to the physical address.

CAS would contain all financial transactions (buy, sell, switch) made in mutual fund folios or equity account(s) maintained by the investor. It would also include the full list of holdings (even if no transaction was conducted during the period) and their current value. Since October 2016, SEBI has also mandated CAS to mention information about commission (if any) paid to an adviser or distributor in case of mutual fund investments. The biggest advantage is a single window view of your investments to present an overall view of how your investments fare.


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