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Don't Worry about Fund's Performance
15 February 2018

I have two SIPs of ₹5,000 each in Sundaram Select Mid Cap Regular Plan Growth and Kotak Select Focus. Kotak Select Focus is not performing as well as it was before; should I continue with this? It has been seven months and I plan to continue this for the next five years.

- Natasha Sharma, Gurugram

While assessing fund performance, it is important to consider its long term performance across various market cycles. Kotak Select Focus has been a consistent performer across medium to long-term periods and generally, it has been placed in the first or second quartile of its category over the course of last four to five calendar years.

Further, the performance of a fund over the longer term is typically driven by factors such as the people behind the fund and the investment process followed. Harsha Upadhyay, who is also the chief investment officer, equities, for the fund house, has been managing this fund since 2012 and the fund’s investment strategy and processes have remained consistent and stable.

Overall, it would be considered appropriate to overlook the short-term average performance of the fund and continue with your SIP. The fund’s performance can be reviewed over the next one to two years.

- Dhaval Kapadia, Director, Investment Advisory, Morningstar

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