Can I restart my PF contributions?

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Can I restart my PF contributions?
OLM Desk - 09 October 2017

I was part of the EPF for two years and then stopped. Now I wish to restart, can I restart my PF contributions?

Mangalam Rao, Hyderabad

The EPF is a good retirement savings option for the salaried. It is a good investment option for investors who want to have a long-term secured tax-free corpus with compounding benefits. It helps you to create a retirement corpus and is also a backup in emergencies as it offers partial withdrawals for specific needs, such as house, marriage, education and medical reasons. Also, your EPF number will not change and will continue to remain the same. You can also ensure that you have an online access to EPF which enables you to check your EPF balance online. Just restart contributing to the EPF – you can start as soon as you are part of an organization which has EPF benefits for employees.


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