Personal Finance Queries For The Day (25-03-2019)

Jeevan Kumar KC - 25 March 2019

M VENKATESWARARA,, Guntur: Invested in UTI CGGS -700 Units and the maturity is 14/9/17. I have the certificate too. What is my position in respect of getting my money back and how?

UTI Children Gift & Growth Fund (CGGF) is a closed scheme from UTI mutual fund. This is a children plan with an exit option only on maturity. For knowing the latest status of the scheme, contact the nearest UTI mutual fund office along with the original certificate.

Venkata,, Mumbai: Please suggest Top 5 Aggressive funds for investing in next 3 years.

3 years is very short period to recommend aggressive funds. Even 5 years will fall short to yield required returns in case of aggressive schemes. For 3 years, we suggest Balanced Hybrid schemes with large cap equity portfolios.

The queries are originally answered by Jeevan Kumar KC, Head - Investment Advisory at Geojit Financial Services.