Personal Finance Queries For The Day (20-05-2019)

Personal finance queries responded by industry & subject-matter experts.

Vijay Kuppa - 20 May 2019

Manoj Kumar Aggrawal,, West Delhi: I am 45 year, want to have fund @ 50 lac at the end of 6 yrs (Mar 2026) for the marriage of my daughter. How much to invest every month and whats likely portfolio mix.

To achieve INR 50 lacs in 6 years, it is advisable to invest around INR 50,000 per month. This will help to achieve the overall target value. Since marriage is a sensitive goal, it is always advisable to have a balanced asset allocation, and as we move closer to the target date, reallocating the asset more towards debt for capital protection. Ideally following is a recommended asset allocation:

The portfolio needs to be reviewed at least yearly, and the necessary rebalancing should be undertaken.

Suman Surendran,, Chennai: I have been investing in L&T Emerging Businesses Fund via SIP of Rs. 6000 since May 2018. But it is giving negative returns now. So is it a good idea to stay invested in this Mutual Fund or should I switch to HDFC Small Cap Fund.. Please guide me?

L&T Emerging Business Fund is an aggressive small-cap fund. From May 2018, the small-cap index is down 22%. The asset class faced selling pressure after having a dream run in 2017 clocking ~60%. Thus most of the funds are negative. However, with many stories unfolding on the domestic and international front, we recommend you to stay invested in the fund.

The queries are responded by Co – founder, Orowealth.