Personal Finance Queries For The Day (13-05-2019)

Personal finance queries responded by industry & subject-matter experts.

Abhinav Angirish - 13 May 2019

Sanchit,, Delhi: Have a capital of 1 lakh. Should I invest in Maruti at this level? Time Frame: 4-5 years.

Auto is a cyclical business and has already underperformed significantly. The sector is in the lower cycle and Maruti is no exception, but as the prices have corrected, 33% of its 52 weeks high, the stock is good to invest for 4-5 year period. It may have some hiccups in the near future, but as you have a medium-term investment horizon, Maruti is good to invest in.

Raja Rakesh Rosan Tripathy,, Bhubaneswar: Sir I've bought see shares of Videocon industries in the equity segment. I tried to sell after the price increased. But sell was rejected with a message that "No of saleable shares is less than the no opted for." But I tried to sale the same quantity I had bought. Even when I worked with lesser no of shares the same thing happens. Please suggest what to do?

It seems that you are trying to sell the shares which you don't have in your DP account. The bought shares take 2-5 days' time to get credited in your DP account and in that period they can't be sold. One can place a sell order only for those shares which the investor possesses in its DP account, the otherwise trade is not acceptable. You have to wait for the shares to get credited in your account and then after you will be able to sell them.

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