Personal Finance Queries For The Day (11-02-2019)

Mr Jeevan Kumar K.C. - 11 February 2019

T. Rajagopalan,, Doha: Sir, I usually invest lump sums in mutual funds annually. Is this good or is SIP better? Also, are mutual funds or ULIPs a better choice? I am 54 years old. Appreciate your guidance. Thank you

Hope that you have a long term investment horizon. Considering the market volatility prevailing in the market it is better to do SIP or staggered investment and this will help you to get better weighted average return over a period of time. Also if you have lump sum to invest, you may consider staggering your purchases through next three months rather than given a single shot.

ULIP and mutual funds are two two different products which are having different investment Objectives. You may proceed with the mutual funds as ULIPs are comparatively expensive .

Divya,, Kuala Lumpur: Hello I am an Indian NRI and want to understand which the best investment options for me are. I can invest up to 30000-40000 per month. Thank you

Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) are the best suitable investment for you as you have monthly surplus to invest in. SIP provides hassle free equity investment since fund is managed by professional fund managers who are capable of managing stock portfolios on behalf of the investor. Diversify the SIP investments by Choosing 4 to 5 schemes which suit your risk taking capacity and return requirement.

Md Faizul Haque,, Guwahati: I have started 2 SIP in last year. ABSL frontline equity fund growth (2500) and sbi blue chip fund regular plan growth (2500). Now I want to invest another 5000/- through SIP. Please suggest and let me know if the above mentioned Funds are good enough to continue with. Thanks.

It is good to see that the funds you already have are good performers in large cap category. For diversification purpose we suggest you to start the fresh SIP in a multicap category for long term wealth creation. Mirae asset India equity fund, Aditya birla SL Equity fund, SBI Magnum multicap fund etc are some of the performing funds in the category. Also in the portfolio, try to keep the number of schemes under 5 for easier management.

The response to above mentioned queries is originally shared by Mr. Jeevan Kumar K.C., Head - Investment Advisory at Geojit Financial Services.