Personal Finance Queries For The Day (03-06-2019)

Personal finance queries responded by industry & subject-matter experts.

Rushabh Gandhi - 03 June 2019

Sujith,, Trivandrum: For a 37 year old male nonsmoker looking for a term plan of 75 lakhs till 70 years. Please suggest a plan.

Firstly, let me congratulate you on the decision to purchase a term cover, a very important risk management tool. You need to ensure that your cover is sufficient relative to your current income and lifestyle (ten times your current income will be a good place to start). There are many competitive plans available in the market in the online space, with clear premium benefits for non-smokers. The IndiaFirst E-term Plan is one such plan that provides for a very compelling proposition and competitive rate. You can simply compare the rates and choose a base cover. It may be worthwhile to include additional options to cover accidental disability and / or critical illness to make your insurance more comprehensive at a low cost.

The query is responded by Deputy CEO, IndiaFirst Life Insurance.