Personal Finance Queries For The Day (03-06-2019)

Personal finance queries responded by industry & subject-matter experts.

Abhishek Raja “Ram” - 03 June 2019

Sumit,, Delhi: I have 15000 shares of nitinfire @ 4 rs what should I do sell or hold?

This company is in huge losses, and it has effectively eroded capital. So we would recommend to book loss and move ahead.

Ramesh V G,, Hubli: I would like to SIP Rs.3000 kindly advise I am a 45-year-old working man.

Other than your age, you have not provided additional details like Return expectations or desired Risk tolerance level or any goal for investments. I would consider that you want to invest for wealth creations so would advise to take exposure to two funds one a multi-cap fund like Kotak Standard Multicap or Edelweiss Multicap and second to a Balance (Hybrid-Fund) fund like Mirae Assets Hybrid Fund or SBI Equity Hybrid Fund.

RAMAMURTHY,, SECUNDERABAD: I am over TDS deduction is less than 40000, & I am not in the taxable limit. Is it necessary for me to file IT return? Please advice.

It is advisable to file ITR if TDS is deducted. With the filing of ITR, you will not only get Refund of TDS deducted but also it would save you from any further notice from Government agencies for non-filing of return where TDS is deducted.