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YK-11 (Myostine) Guide: Dosage, Results, Benefits, & More

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YK-11 (Myostine) Guide: Dosage, Results, Benefits, & More

YK-11 was initially developed as a way to combat muscle wasting in cancer patients, with the chemical structure being similar to anabolic steroids. What makes YK11 so unique however, is that it's not only a SARM, but also a myostatin inhibitor. SARMs like RAD 140 work by binding to androgen receptors in the body, which leads to stronger bones, more fat loss, and accelerated muscle growth.

YK-11 (Myostine) Guide
YK-11 (Myostine) Guide

YK-11, also known as Myostine, is one of the best SARMs for pure muscle growth on the market right now. Just one cycle of YK11 can build up to 30 pounds of lean muscle mass.

This selective androgen receptor modulator, or SARM for short, has taken the market by storm. Also known as a "myostatin inhibitor" or "synthetic steroid," Yk-11 is helping men turn into beasts all over the world, with almost no side effects.

This ultimate YK11 guide will cover:

  • What is YK-11?

  • YK-11 Benefits

  • YK-11 Dosage

  • YK-11 Before and After Results

  • YK-11 Cycle Examples

  • YK-11 Side Effects

  • Where to Buy YK-11

  • ...and more

I've been using SARMs for muscle building and fat loss for over a decade now, so this is all coming from my own personal experience and ample research I've done on these SARMs.

So, if you're interested in using the YK-11 SARM to get some serious muscle mass gains, and want to know how to do it safely and effectively, then keep on reading this post.


What is YK-11 (Myostine)?

YK-11 (Myostine) Molecule
YK-11 (Myostine) Molecule

YK-11 is both a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) and a myostatin inhibitor, which makes it one of the most powerful and unique SARMs on the market right now. [R]

In fact, while the FDA hasn't approved YK11 for human consumption yet, it's one of the strongest selective androgen receptor modulators on the market, and thousands of people are taking it for bodybuilding purposes all across the world.

Proponents of YK11 claim the following benefits:

  • Pack on Tons of Lean Muscle Mass

  • Improved Bone Density Levels

  • Help Shred Off Excess Body Fat

  • Drastically Increased Strength

  • ...and more

YK-11 is simultaneously the most un-tested but also most powerful SARM there is. More human trials should be conducted to study the long-term effects of this SARM.


How Does YK11 Work?

How Does YK11 Work?
How Does YK11 Work?

YK-11 was initially developed as a way to combat muscle wasting in cancer patients, with the chemical structure being similar to anabolic steroids. What makes YK11 so unique however, is that it's not only a SARM, but also a myostatin inhibitor.

SARMs like RAD 140 work by binding to androgen receptors in the body, which leads to stronger bones, more fat loss, and accelerated muscle growth. Yk11 does all of this.

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What YK11 does, that most other SARMs don't do, however, is inhibit the production of myostatin. This is why we call YK11 a myostatin inhibitor.

Myostatin inhibitors decrease the level of myostatin in the body. Myostatin is a compound which puts a limit on your body's natural muscle growth. So, by taking a myostatin inhibitor, it removes your body's "natural limit" so to speak.

It's theorized that many professional bodybuilders have low myostatin levels, which is why it's so easy for them to pack on muscle growth - and that's exactly what YK11 does for you.


Is YK11 Legal?

Is YK11 legal? Yes, it is 100% legal to buy and sell online as a research chemical. The FDA may very quickly change this however, so you should buy YK11 while you still can.

Our recommended source for YK11 is Chemyo. Every batch of their YK11 is 3rd party tested for the utmost purity, and they've had a stellar reputation since 2014. Use code "MD10" for 10% off.

YK11 is legal to buy and sell in the following regions:

  • North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)

  • South America (Brazil, Venezuela, etc.)

  • Europe (UK, Germany, France, etc.)

  • Africa (South & North Africa)

  • Asia (Thailand, Japan, India etc.)

The only place that Yk11 is illegal is in Australia. [R]

If you're an athlete, you may get tested for SARMs like Yk11. Many athletic organizations have banned YK11 from competitions, because it gives you such an unfair advantage.

In fact, the following organizations have banned YK11 from competition:

  1. World Anti Doping Agency [R]

  1. US Anti Doping Agency [R]

  2. Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority [R]

So, if you're an athlete, be aware you might get tested for YK11. If you're not an athlete, you probably don't have anything to worry about.


YK11 Benefits

YK11 Benefits
YK11 Benefits

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While Yk11 was chemically designed to offer all the benefits of anabolic steroids, more research should be done on this compound to determine the long-term side effect profile.

That being said, many bodybuilders have taken Yk11 to gain absolutely insane amounts of muscle mass, and many bodybuilders compare YK11 to being even better than steroids.

Here are some known benefits of the YK11 SARM:

  • Increased Muscle Mass Gains

  • Improved Bone Mineral Density

  • Increased Aggression (Good for Motivation)

  • Potentially Less Side Effects Than Anabolic Steroids

Overall, YK11 is one of the most powerful SARMs on the market right now, and in terms of packing on muscle it's by far the strongest synthetic steroid available.


Accelerated Muscle Growth

YK11 grants your body the ability to pack on muscles far faster than normal. In fact, just a single bottle of YK-11 is enough to help you gain 15-20 pounds of muscle in a month or two.

The data suggests that this ability comes from YK11 being a myostatin inhibitor. By lowering myostatin levels in the body, this drug leads to rapid muscle growth rivaling steroids.

Here are some ways that YK11 accelerates muscle growth:

  • Partial Agonist of Androgen Receptors [R]

  • Up Regulates Osteoblastic Proliferation [R]

  • Targets Skeletal Muscle Mass, Not Organs [R]

  • Half Life of 10-12 Hours, Meaning it Works Fast [R]

  • Causes Muscle Cells to Grow in Research Studies [R]

  • Decreases Myostatin Levels in the Body [R]

While this drug was initially developed to cure cancer patients suffering from muscle wasting, after much research, the project was abandoned. Now, bodybuilders are using YK11 for bodybuilding instead, and they're getting some pretty amazing results.


Fat Loss

While there's minimal research specifically on how YK11 helps you lose fat, the research does suggest that by increasing muscles on the body, this will increase your metabolic rate, which in turn will make your body burn more weight by default.

More human studies should be done on YK11 and its link to weight loss, but for now, we know that YK11 is extremely helpful for bodybuilding, and will give you results comparable to steroids.

YK11 is leads to increased levels of activated PKB (Protein Kinase) which accelerates your body's metabolism, thus leading to an increased rate of fat burning.


Increased Strength

YK11 is by far one of the best SARMs for strength. Shortly after binding to androgen receptors, YK11 will begin to exert its muscle building effect on the body, leading to increased strength.

It then begins to decrease myostatin and increase follistatin, a key regulator in muscle growth - this is how just one cycle of YK11 can help you add a plate onto your bench press.

In fact, when I did a 3-month YK11 cycle from Chemyo (use code MD10 for 10% off), my bench press went from 185lbs to 285lbs for the exact same amount of reps.

That's how fast YK11 works in the body.


YK11 Before and After Results

YK11 Before and After Results
YK11 Before and After Results

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Take a look at those YK11 before and after results. This man took YK11 for 4 months and lost 33 pounds of bodyfat. You almost can't even recognize him with how good he looks.

Your YK11 results will vary depending on a few factors:

  • The YK11 Dosage You Take

  • Your Workout Routine

  • What Your Diet is Like

  • Dietary Supplements You Take

  • Your Genetics & Unique Biology

  • If Your YK11 Source is Reputable & Reliable

  • ...and more

While your results with YK-11 may vary, you can be guaranteed to expect before and after results that rival even the strongest of steroids on the market.

Here's the cycle he took for those results:

  • YK11 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here)

  • Cycle Length: 16 Weeks

Because YK11 has a short half life, you'll notice it working on your body within just a day or two - I personally experienced results the first week, although everyone is different.


YK11 Before and After

YK11 Before and After
YK11 Before and After

>> Buy Pharma-Grade YK11 Here <<

Take a look at this YK11 before and after picture here. Those are the YK-11 results from a 3-month cycle, where the user claims he lost 13 pounds of fat and put on 17 pounds of muscle.

Here's the YK-11 stack he took for those results:

  • Cycle Length: 3 Months

  • PCT Required? Yes (Buy Here)

The only side effect he reported was some mild joint pain, which is bound to happen when you pack on 17 pounds of muscle that quickly. He stated the joint pain went away after his cycle.

Again, not everyone will experience YK-11 results like this, but in general you can expect to pack on roughly 15-20 pounds of muscle mass per cycle (or more).


YK11 Dosage

While technically YK11 is not FDA approved for anything other than research purposes, many bodybuilders have tried it over the years and have come up with an easy-to-follow dosage.

If you're a beginner, the best dosage is 10mg/day. To do this, order one bottle of YK-11, and take one full dropper (1ml) each day. That will give you a 10mg/day YK11 beginner dosage.

Here is the full dosage chart for YK-11:

  • Beginner Dosage: 10mg/day

  • Medium Dosage: 15mg/day

  • Pro Dosage: 20-25mg/day

Keep in mind that we don't have a lot of data on higher dosages, and it's likely that if you take more than 10mg/day you could experience temporarily elevated liver enzymes.

YK11 Cycle & Stacks 

YK11 Cycle & Stacks
YK11 Cycle & Stacks

If you really want to get the best YK11 results possible, you should consider taking what's known as a "stack" or taking multiple SARMs at once, to get insanely fast results.

YK11 at its core is a bulking SARM, which means you'll get the best results if you stick with other SARMs for bulking, like RAD 140 for example, or Ibutamoren MK-677.

YK11 Bulking Stack

As I said, YK11 works best in a bulking stack. This is if your primary goal is to pack on loads of muscle and gain a ton of strength, too. This stack will help you bulk up very quickly.

Here's the best YK11 bulking stack:

  • YK11 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here)

  • MK 677 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here)

  • Cycle Length: 12 Weeks

This YK11 stack is amazing for bulking and will probably help you pack on at least 25-30 pounds of muscle in just a few months.

YK11 Cutting Stack

YK11 isn't typically known as a cutting SARM, and is almost entirely for bulking, but combining it with a well-known cutting compound like Cardarine would do well.

Here's a great YK11 cutting stack:

  • YK11 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here)

  • Cardarine Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here)

  • Cycle Length: 12 Weeks

  • Post Cycle Therapy? Yes (Buy Here)

Using this stack you can expect to shred off maybe 15 pounds of fat, and bulk up by around 15 pounds of muscle or so in just 2-3 months.

YK11 Recomposition Stack

This is the best stack if you want to both build muscle and burn fat at the same time. For this, we recommend pairing YK11 with another well-known SARM that helps with cutting, known as Ostarine (MK-2866) or Enobosarm.

Here's the best YK11 recomp stack:

  • YK11 Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here)

  • Ostarine Dosage: 10mg/day (Buy Here)

  • Cycle Length: 8 Weeks

  • Post Cycle Therapy? Yes (Buy Here)

Using this stack will help you pack on around 10 pounds of muscle mass and lose around 10 pounds of fat in just a matter of a couple of months (8 weeks).

Where to Buy YK11

Pharma-Grade YK11
Pharma-Grade YK11

We've tried many vendors over the years, and I've personally been using SARMs since 2010, so I've tried every vendor on the face of the earth. None of them are as good as Chemyo.

Chemyo is one of the few companies that consistently delivers. Every single batch of their products is 3rd party tested for purity, potency, quality, and concentration.

They've been around since 2015 and have a stellar reputation. Furthermore, they've got free shipping on orders over $100.

Use the code "MD10" to save 10% off on your YK11 order.

YK11 Side Effects

While most bodybuilders who take YK11 only report mild acne, there are some more serious side effects that should be researched to see how common they are.

More research needs to be done on YK 11, and the long-term side effects it has, but so far in cell based studies and models it appears to have the following potential side effects:

  • Mild Acne

  • Raised Blood Pressure

  • Elevated Cholesterol

Some people claim that YK 11 may lead to breast cancer or prostate cancer in the long run, but so far not a single clinical study suggests that this is the case. [R]


Pharma-Grade YK11
Pharma-Grade YK11

>> Buy Pharma-Grade YK11 Here <<

In summary, YK11 is an extremely powerful compound that accelerates the growth of muscles on the body. Many bodybuilders are using YK 11 to get steroid-like results.

Overall, while it's less tested than many SARMs, most people don't report experiencing any major side effects while they're on it. Most people report very nice muscle gains, though.

If you do decide to buy, we recommend you get it from Chemyo. Every batch of their products is 3rd party tested, and if you use the code "MD10" you'll get 10% off your order.

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