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XRP Price Prediction 2023- Is XRP Going To The Moon? Check Better Alternatives To XRP

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XRP Price Prediction 2023- Is XRP Going To The Moon? Check Better Alternatives To XRP

There are a lot of uncertainties around a possible spike in its valuation going into 2023. A victory for Ripple or a resolution in the case will provoke colossal demand for XRP, further increasing its valuation. Find out other better alternatives to XRP:

XRP Price Prediction 2023
XRP Price Prediction 2023

Several predictions regarding XRP's possible explosion in the coming years have been going around. Amidst these speculations about XRP, there are other better alternatives to XRP. They are FightOut (FGHT)Dash 2 Trade (D2T)C+Charge (CCHG)RobotEra (TARO)Calvaria (RIA), Impt.io (IMPT) and ApeCoin (APE).  

Contrary to what is happening in the cryptocurrency market, there has been a growing, palpable interest in the metaverse and Web 3— players looking to readjust their focus on areas that have not been fully explored. Interest in NFTs has been underwhelming. Around the corners, crypto influencers and significant industry players are pushing for an improved, advanced regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency market come 2023 to aid transparency and the utmost protection of traders' assets.  

The crypto market finished the year in the red after Terra Labs' collapse in May and the ripple effect that led to FTX's demise. The consequences of the end of two household names were disastrous, and bankruptcy filings and investment losses drew criticism from legislators and regulators. As a result, the entire market capitalization of cryptocurrencies plummeted from a high of $2,287 billion to a low of $727.58 billion in November before stabilizing. The market value of cryptocurrencies was $772 billion at the time of publication, a decline of 64.8%. 

XRP Performance in the market in 2022 

XRP performance in the market this year has been affected by several incidence and factors. After falling repeatedly the third time in January 2022, XRP spiked to a high of $0.9163 before nosediving to the market hegemony and investor uneasiness over the SEC vs Ripple case. Terra Labs’ meltdown provoked XRP’s low performance of $0.28748 before it found an asylum where it began to gather strength subtly. In a brief spell, it reached $0.55 levels.  

After a dip in response to the demise of FTX, XRP rose to test buyers at $0.32 before leveling out. Updates throughout the year continued to tip the scales in favor of a Ripple triumph despite the uncertainty surrounding the SEC v. Ripple case, which cushioned the blow as the year's end draws near. XRP has lost 56.7% of its value so far this year, to $0.3595, and its market cap is at $18.11 billion. The market valuation of XRP peaked at $81.47 billion in 2021 before falling to under $15 billion in the middle of 2022. 

Going into 2023, the XRP community is saddled with many crypto market gusts. Undoubtedly, the trajectory of XRP in the 2023 crypto market will be influenced by the result of the SEC V Ripple case. Thus, there are a lot of uncertainties around a possible spike in its valuation going into 2023. A victory for Ripple or a resolution in the case will provoke colossal demand for XRP, further increasing its valuation. Find out other better alternatives to XRP: 

FightOut (FGHT) 

FightOut (FGHT)
FightOut (FGHT)

To improve a user's overall health, FightOut has created an app that offers specialized strength and cardio training, wellness, and mental toughness. Our top move-to-earn cryptocurrency startup, FightOut, will use innovative technology to track activity, key effort indicators, and factors like sleep and nutrition to input into their algorithm and deliver a completely customized program. FGHT, till in its first presale stage, has generated $2,439,460.31 out of a targetted $5,000,000. 

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T) 

A brand-new cryptocurrency initiative called Dash 2 Trade (D2T) intends to give traders and investors the resources they need to succeed in the cryptocurrency market. The project's native D2T ERC-20 coin has dominated the market. Dash 2 Trade will provide a range of on-chain data, trading signals, buyer sentiment/social mentions measurement, and gives customers high-end trading tools. After receiving seed funding this year, Dash 2 Trade has completed all of its Q4 2022 targets. Dash 2 Trade is preparing to release a beta version on January 5th. 

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C+Charge (CCHG) 

Drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) can use the eco-friendly cryptocurrency C+Charge to make payments at charging stations in a recently started presale. The C+Charge mobile app includes a crypto wallet where the coins are kept safe. The presale has recently just started and it has revealed amazing, global collaborations with big brands. 

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RobotEra (TARO) 

Following the start of its token presale in November 2022, RobotEra is another popular new cryptocurrency project to invest in. Players in RobotEra must use robot NFT avatars to rebuild the shattered planet Taro. Players are also given $TARO tokens in the game for participating in concerts, mining for minerals, and even hosting events—another excellent and thrilling crypto project to add to your wallet. It has generated more than $5,000,0000 in its presale stages. 

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Calvaria (RIA) 

In addition to traditional and casual players, Calvaria is an intriguing play-to-earn game that will appeal to those who play blockchain technology. Players spend RIA tokens for awards and in-game purchases to maintain the system's financial stability. The RIA tokens have various advantages for investors. Governance is one of them. It has raised $2,598,913 out of a targetted $3,075,000. 

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Impt.io (IMPT) 

IMPT.io is one of the new, exciting cryptocurrency projects projected to enjoy massive explosion in 2023. The official token is IMPT. It seeks to provide solutions to one of the 21st century’s biggest problems. It raised over $20 million from its presale and is now live on LBank. It is expected to go live on other centralized exchanges as well. 

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ApeCoin (APE) 

ApeCoin, rather than the Yuga ecosystem, is fundamentally the native token for the BAYC universe. The ApeCoinDAO, established exclusively to develop and introduce ApeCoin, came up with the idea for the "token for culture, gaming, and commerce utilized to support a decentralized community forming at the vanguard of Web3." As an innovative addition to the market, it is a token that should be treated with urgency. 


The market is replete with several possibilities going into 2023. But to stand a chance to enjoy massive profits, tokens such as FGHT, D2T, CCHG, TARO and RIA are assets you should add to your wallets.