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Writesonic Review: Is This AI Writing Software Worth It?

Considering using Writesonic AI writing tool for content creation? Check out our comprehensive Writesonic review of this cutting-edge AI copywriting tool!

Writesonic Review

Struggling to create content quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality?

Writesonic is an AI copywriting tool that might be worth a closer look! This comprehensive Writesonic review will cover everything you need to know about this cutting-edge technology, from its features and tools to pricing options and customer feedback.

Let's dive in our honest review and find out if Writesonic really can make your life easier - reshaping the way you create content in 2023 and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • Writesonic is an AI - based writing tool that helps users quickly generate high quality AI content at 10 times faster than usual process.
  • Writersonic offers a variety of features like AI templates, article writer 5.0, editing tools and brand voice feature to fulfil the ultimate copywriting needs with accuracy.
  • Additional features such as Photosonic, Chatsonic, Audiosonic can help in generating visual or audio content and personalized customer interactions.
  • It provides reasonable pricing plans that are more budget friendly when compared with other similar platforms available in the market today!

Overview of Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-driven writing and image generation platform that revolutionizes content creation for content marketing professionals and blog owners.

Through its powerful Automation Engine, Writesonic helps users create high quality content faster than ever -- up to 10X faster and with 1 click.

It's packed with helpful features such as automated grammar & spelling checks, semantic database engine, tone of voice recognition capabilities and more.

Additionally, it allows you to generate SEO friendly articles tailored specifically for blogs, Facebook ads Google ads or Shopify stores in just a few clicks - allowing anyone regardless of their technical background to quickly create compelling content without any prior experience.

With supporting tools like Photosonic (image generator) and Audiosonic (text to voice), there's no limit to what you can do with Writesonic – helping your organization or business save time & money!

Who should use Writesonic?

Writesonic is a great resource for content marketing professionals and blog owners looking to generate AI content quickly and efficiently.

This AI-driven copywriting tool offers a powerful long-form editor, along with a variety of features that are designed to streamline the writing process.

The team behind the tool aims to make it an AI swiss army knife for web agencies and website owners!

Key Features of Writesonic

Writesonic is a powerful AI copywriting solution that offers an array of tools to help content marketers and blog owners create quality content quickly and efficiently.

It contains both AI-driven and manual editing tools, as well as a complete suite of copywriting tools.

The goal of Writesonic is to empower brands, bloggers and businesses to create 10X more content in the same amount of time.

  1. AI Writing Templates – They provide users with professionally designed outlines that can be filled in with their own commands or prompts, edited using AI-driven editing tools and optimized for SEO.
  2. AI Article Writer 5.0 – This powerful AI content writing tool uses GPT-4 technology to generate AI high-quality long-form articles from templates or topic prompts provided by the user. (only available to Business plan and above users)
  3. AI - Driven Editing Tools & Library – A range of automated editing tools are available that will help users reduce repetitive tasks while ensuring consistent quality across multiple pieces of content they produce.
  4. Sonic Editor – This advanced text editor allows users to manually edit and optimize their written work so that it meets the highest standards for accuracy, readability and quality.
  5. Easily publish the content on your WordPress websites with the click of a button!
  6. Brand Voice Feature – This feature allows users to set up custom brand guidelines so that all their generated content adheres to them easily. (Only available to Business plan and above users)
  7. Photosonic – An image generation tool that helps to quickly generate visually appealing images for marketing materials or blog posts without any extra efforts from your side and at no extra cost!
  8. Audiosonic - Audio production tool allowing to quickly generate quality voice overs, podcasts and music pieces with the help of text to voice technology!

How Does Writesonic AI Work?

Writesonic includes AI writing templates, a powerful AI Article Writer 5.0, an intuitive Sonic Editor and various other AI-driven editing tools and templates to generate fresh and quality content quickly.

AI writing templates

Writesonic’s AI writing library is a great asset for content marketing professionals and blog owners. They can be used to generate high-quality, SEO-friendly content utilizing the power of Writesonic’s cutting-edge AI model, making it easy for busy marketers to create articles quickly.

The library offer a wide range of options and tools that make creating compelling articles, blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions and social media messages simple and straightforward.

The most used tools are the article writer, the article rewriter (allows to rewrite an entire article), the Twitter Threads V2 generator, the AI article outline generator and many other social media, ecommerce and landing page generators.

AI Article Writer 5.0 (Business plan and above)

Writesonic's Article Writer 5.0 is an impressive and comprehensive copywriting tool that can help you create a unique and factual entire article in seconds!

This powerful writing tool allows you to use artificial intelligence technology, Google Search for source input and Brand Voice feature, to generate high-quality, accurate content for a variety of purposes.

With its cutting-edge AI capabilities and powerful long form editor integrated with natural language processing algorithms, Writesonic’s AI Article Writer 5.0 makes creating unique piece of contents easily accessible even by those without any prior knowledge or experience in the field of writing while ensuring that the output is free from plagiarism.

You can create high quality hyper-personalized content in your brand voice and have access to GPT-4!


Sonic Editor

Sonic Editor is one of the features offered by Writesonic, a powerful AI writer specifically designed for content marketing professionals and bloggers.

As an advanced long-form editor, Sonic Editor provides automated AI support to help create quality edits, write from scratch in just seconds and generate completely personalized words for various use cases.

Sonic Editor by Writesonic helps you write faster. Whether you need help starting, expanding, or polishing your work after an article generation.

AI-driven editing tools and library

Writesonic offers advanced AI-driven editing tools and templates to users that make creating articles seamless.

These tools help generate long-form copy in no time, making it a great option for content marketing professionals and blog owners who need fast output with little input. The main features of Writesonic’s AI-driven editing tools & library include suggestion edits to improve the quality of the content along with collaboration options and real-time preview capabilities.

This set of powerful writing enhancements allows users to quickly draft high-quality articles, descriptions, bullet points, keywords etc.

Additional tools tested in this review

Writesonic also provides additional features, such as Brand Voice, Photosonic, Chatsonic and Audiosonic to cater to various copywriting needs.

Brand Voice feature

Writesonic recently introduced a powerful and efficient Brand Voice feature which is only available to Business and Enterprise plans.

This feature allows users to create pieces that not only align with the brand's identity, but also help them maintain consistent brand messaging throughout their campaigns.


With the Brand Voice feature, users can easily customize the tone and style of content to match their company's visual identity. This includes customizations for things like diction, grammar rules, text layouts and sentence lengths.

By leveraging this technology to craft specific brand-appropriate messages in each piece of content they produce, marketers have more control over ensuring accuracy across all channels.


Writesonic offers Photosonic, an additional tool for content marketing professionals and blog owners. With Photosonic, users can easily create AI-generated art and images from text with just one click.

It provides a convenient way to transform written content into visual content that appeals to readers.

Images generated by the Photosonic feature are suitable for use in blogs, social media posts, advertisements and more. They are not of the greatest quality according to our tests.


Chatsonic is a chatbot that helps users access the Web. Now powered by GPT-4, it turns conversations into high-quality and factual content.

Key Features

  • Generates real-time trending content using Google Search data
  • Creates stunning AI artwork from text prompts
  • Builds personalized avatar assistants
  • Browser extension for content suggestions anywhere
  • Voice commands like Siri/Google Assistant

Chatsonic is now sold as a standalone product and is not part of the suite of Writesonic tools!


Audiosonic makes it easy to create audio files such as podcasts, audio snippets for social media posts, explainer videos etc., at the fraction of the cost people would normally pay for such services.

It leverages AI text to voice technology and iCloud integration so users can dictate their words into their device’s microphone instead of typing them out; creating natural sounding translated speech in more than 20 languages within minutes.


This feature makes it extremely convenient for bloggers and content creators who need to publish audio content quickly. When using the superior quality, the voiceovers generated are really impressive according to our tests!

Writesonic Pricing

Discover the cost of Writesonic services, comparison between premium vs superior quality, and find suitable alternatives to meet your specific content creation needs.


Cost of Writesonic (free trial, Unlimited, Business, Entreprise)

Writesonic comes with a variety of pricing plans to cater to the needs of different users, from individuals and SMEs to large corporations.

These price plans include a free trial and 3 paid plans, namely Unlimited, Business, and Enterprise. Each plan is tailored to offer specific features and capabilities, ensuring users get value for their money.

Pricing Plan


Starting Price

Free Trial

This plan allows users to experiment with Writesonic's AI writing tool at no cost, providing a risk-free way to test its capabilities.



The Unlimited plan provides access to all AI copywriting features without any word limit restrictions . It is ideal for content writers and copywriters in need of a robust AI tool to increase their productivity.



This plan offers more advanced capabilities for businesses that require a more powerful AI writer and factual content. It gives you access to their new Article Writer 5.0 which uses GPT-4 32K.

Stats at $12,67 per month for 200 000 words


This is the premium plan intended for large corporations with more extensive content requirements. The Enterprise plan 's specific features and cost details are customized according to the company's unique content creation needs.

Contact for pricing


The unlimited plan is a great introduction is limited to the GPT 3.5 model only and won't give you access to advanced features such as Brand Voice and the new Article Writer 5.0 which uses GPT-4 32K. This is not ideal if you intend to create factual content. To do so, you will need to upgrade to either a Business or Enterprise plan.

Premium (GPT 3.5) vs Superior (GPT 4) quality

Deciding between the Premium (GPT 3.5) and Superior (GPT 4) quality of Writesonic AI writing tool mainly depends on your unique content needs and budget.

When you sign up for a Business or superior plan, you have the ability to switch between the Premium and Superior quality on-demand! This will affect your monthly word count limit as the Superior model that uses GPT 4 costs 6 times more credits.

Both versions have their unique benefits and provide a variety of features that content marketing professionals and blog owners might find beneficial.

Premium (GPT 3.5)

Superior (GPT 4)

Powered by GPT-3.5 , offering a sophisticated level of AI copywriting capabilities (same as in ChatGPT free).

Driven by the more advanced GPT-4 , the Superior plan offers enhanced AI copywriting abilities.

Ideal for general content needs , including blog articles, social media content, and product descriptions.

Best used for more demanding writing tasks that require a higher level of detail, articulation, and complexity, such as research articles, whitepapers, or ebooks.

Provides quality outputs , but might require more editing and fine-tuning.

Produces superior-quality content that requires less editing and fine-tuning , saving you valuable time.

Great for users who are on a tighter budget, as it comes at a more affordable price point .

Although it comes at a higher cost , the enhanced features and superior writing capabilities may justify the investment for some users.

In a nutshell, while the Premium (GPT 3.5) version of Writesonic is great for general content needs and budget-conscious users, the Superior (GPT 4) version is perfect for users who require more advanced writing outputs and are willing to invest a little more for superior quality.

Writesonic alternatives (Agility Writer, Koala Writer, Jasper AI)

When it comes to long form content creation and marketing, it's often about finding the right tool for the job.

Let's look at 3 alternatives to Writesonic—Agility Writer, Koala Writer, and Jasper AI—and compare their features, user-friendliness, and customer service.



Agility Writer

Koala Writer

Jasper AI

AI templates






High (Modern UX and easy to use)

High (Effortless content creation)

High (Effortless content creation)

Medium-Low (Separate plan for content optimization)

Long form content

Not the best

Very good

Very good


Outline creation


Very good





Very good



SEO optimization

Very Limited

Very good








From this comparative analysis, Agility and Koala Writer stand out for their user-friendly interface, factual and SEO optimized content, making 1 click long form content creation an effortless process for freelancers, bloggers and content creators. They are the best options if you are willing to spend more!

While Writesonic and Jasper AI offer robust AI copywriting templates, they may require a bit more time to learn and understand. The workflow is more complex with these two softwares as you need to switch between various tools.

As for SEO optimization, Agility Writer is your best option as it allows you to load up to 2500 keywords/terms to create optimized content. It is currently a solid alternative to the very expensive Surfer AI tool. Koala Writer also allows you to specify a list of keywords to be used in the article, but this feature is currently in Beta and limited.

Pros and Cons of Writesonic

Here, we’ll take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Writesonic for content creation purposes.

Advantages of using Writesonic

  • The power of Writesonic comes from its AI article writer 5.0, which allows users to create factual content that matches their brand voice with the push of a button!
  • Their new generation article writer scans Google search results to find pages that can be used as sources or you can upload your own documents to create factual content!
  • The pricing is interesting when compared to other AI software, yet it offers a range of powerful features for language processing and content editing.
  • The Sonic Editor allows your team to format the created content according to your requirements.
  • Content created can be easily pushed as draft to a WordPress website through the use of a dedicated plugin!
  • With access to GPT4 technology users gain even more capabilities when creating more complex pieces like articles, blog posts or product descriptions that are rich in detail & understand context better than ever before!

Disadvantages of using Writesonic

  1. Limited customization options which could make it difficult for users to produce the high-quality writing they desire. There is no way to affect the formatting of the article using bullet lists, tables or key takeways sections.
  2. Not suited for long-form content creation process which means that the tool provides articles that are limited in term of word count. You should not expect articles to be longer than 1000-1500 words on average!
  3. Occasional bugs or glitches that may arise during use, disrupting workflows and negatively impacting productivity levels as well as output quality.
  4. Clunky and difficult-to-navigate text editing feature that limits user creativity due to its rudimentary design characteristics and limited functionality capabilities when compared with other similar AI tools out there on the market today.

Is it the Best AI Writing Tool on the Market?

Overall, Writesonic is a one of the best AI 1 click content writer that provides an affordable and user-friendly interface for article writing needs.

With features like the one-click article writer 5.0, brand voice, and other advanced features, users can quickly create unique high quality factual content with ease.

Additionally, it offers additional cutting edge AI technology powered tools such as Photosonic, Chatsonic and Audiosonic to generate even more quality content. This tool aimes to be a swiss army knife for website owners and Social Media Marketing Agencies.

Furthermore, its pricing structure is reasonable which allows users to get access to GPT 4 technology without breaking their budget.

All these factors make Writesonic well worth considering for anyone looking for a dependable AI powered writing assistant with plenty of options at their disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions of our Writesonic Review

1. What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is an AI writer that allows businesses to quickly create content, use AI to generate articles and customize their text according to their needs.

2. Does Writesonic offer a free plan?

Unlike other AI writing software, Writesonic offers a free plan with limited features and 500 words per month in exchange for just registering a Writesonic account with them.

3. What sets Writesonic apart from the rest of the existing AI writing tools?

Writesonic stands out from other similar tools because it allows you to create quality factual content in just a few clics!

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