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Will I Get Govt Job

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Will I Get Govt Job

Govt. job aspirants surely make all possible efforts, but then the percentage chances are very low. Therefore, while trying for a Govt. job, one must know if they are really destined to have a Govt. job.

Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer
Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer

Will I get Govt. job in the future is very common anxiety in many people’s minds. Govt. job provides a sense of job stability and security. It is also a symbol of authority and both formal and informal powers assigned to Govt. job. The last two years of the pandemic have increased the fascination with Govt. jobs much more. People in Pvt Sector’s jobs saw an unprecedented turmoil in many sectors. Govt. jobs were the only sector where people were much more comfortable than jobs in all other sectors. Govt. job undoubtedly offers authority, but it also brings many lucrative benefits and temptations. Therefore, the person needs to have the highest standards of ethics, and self-control means a very strong ascendant to avoid indulging in unfair practices. Otherwise, we have many stories where people are in the worst situation of their life, including imprisonment for abuse of authority. 

Know about Govt. job from birth chart

Govt. job generally comes after a lot of hard work and passing through many competitive exams and needs a focused approach. Govt. job aspirants surely make all possible efforts, but then the percentage chances are very low. Therefore, while trying for a Govt. job, one must know if they are really destined to have a Govt. job. Or the long preparation and marathon efforts will go in vain. That is where your birth chart plays an important role. One can know about Govt. job from birth chart. There are specific combinations in horoscope to indicate if the person will get a Govt. job or not. Read a real time incident

I re-call one young boy, the son of a Director in semi-Govt. came to me about ten years ago and wanted to become an IAS. I told him that his birth chart did not support the Govt. job but indicated a job in the private sector. The boy left the session abruptly, but his father still spent some time with me. I told his father not to stop him from preparing for IAS but try to pursue him to do B.Tech or similar computer courses. It was difficult to mend that boy’s mind, but still, his father understood and convinced him. Many failed attempts to qualify for UPSC top exam broke the boy but still, at his father’s instance, he completed his B.Tech. His father got him a small job in a software company in Bangalore. 

It worked two ways: he started earning and saw many high officials in that company enjoying best of the life. So, he realized that life could be good in the private sector also. Secondly, his busyness in that job gave him little time to only think about the Govt. job. He was sent to the USA on an onsite project for one year. His mind had changed, and he started giving his best in that job. Destiny did not stop, and he was offered a permanent job on that onsite project itself. He got money, position, and everything that any person would expect from a profession. And that also in private job and not Govt. job. His hard work got noticed to get him job in a US company itself. His earnings became almost double. 

When I last heard, he was a top-line IT manager married, have one Son and enjoying the best of his professional life. 

Govt. job according to date of birth

Astrology can help you to select Govt. job according to date of birth. One can get predictions for Govt. job from birth chart. There are specific combinations for Govt. job in a horoscope. Once you know whether I will get Govt. job or not, you can mend your ways accordingly. Preparation for Govt. jobs needs marathon efforts and takes time. Sometimes, we keep trying again and again without knowing will I get the Govt. job or not. Sometimes, we lose on time. The success rate of getting Govt. job is on a very thin line as the aspirants are in very large nos. Thus, if one keeps trying for an indefinite time, maybe one misses the right job opportunity in the Private sector where entry at the right age is important. Now let us understand the combination of Govt. job in horoscope.   

Planets seen for government job

There are specific planets responsible for giving Govt. job, and positioning of these planets forms the Yoga of Govt. job in a horoscope. Now I will explain which planets are seen for Govt. jobs. 

1. In astrology, Sun is called the karaka of the government and power, and its position is very important to know the chances of getting a government job. The Sun in the horoscope should be in a strong position, i.e., it should have the strength and be free from malefic influence in the kundli. The strong Sun, if related to the Karma Bhava, i.e., the tenth house of the horoscope gives a government job. 

2. Jupiter is a karaka of fame and high status in Astrology. The influence of Jupiter motivates the person to do good deeds, which ultimately brings fame to the native. The combined influence of the Sun and Jupiter through conjunction, aspect, or placement also gives a government job to the native.

3. For getting a government job, the native generally has to appear for a competitive exam to prove his/her excellence. In that case, the Budh Aditya yoga, which is formed through the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in the birth chart, bestows intelligence and sharpness to the native required for getting a high post-government job. The Budh Aditya yoga in the kundli gives an extra edge to the native over others.

4. In a birth chart, if the tenth house has a joint influence of the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter through conjunction, aspect, or placement, then also, there are very bright chances of getting a government job. 

Govt. job predictions from your birth chart

One can get predictions for Govt. job from horoscope by getting some specific combinations evaluated. These are explained below. 

1. If a strong ascendant Lord is placed in the tenth house or the tenth house is under the influence of the benefic planets, and the tenth lord is also well placed, then the native has a long life. The native is highly fortunate, and it forms a strong yoga for getting a job or working in administrative services. 

2. According to Astrology, the Sun is the main planet for getting a government job. It shares friendly relations with Mars and Jupiter and neutral relations with Mercury. For this reason, the natives with Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Scorpio ascendants usually succeed in getting a government job. 

3. If the Sun influences the first and tenth houses of the kundli, then the person may get into politics or administration. Similarly, if Mars influences the first and tenth houses, the person may get a high-level post in the police or army. 

4. Sun in the second house of the birth chart with a relation with the tenth house or its Lord gives a very strong probability of getting a government job. 

5. If Saturn is strong and placed in the Leo sign while the depositor, Sun, is also strong, then the person has a strong yoga for a government job.

6. Conjunction of Jupiter with Sun in any good houses or bhavas of horoscope also supports an influential government sector position.  

7. The conjunction of Sun, Jupiter, and Moon in any house of a birth chart also indicates a government job for the person. 

These predictions for Govt job from horoscope are all a matter of evaluating many factors which an astrologer can do. One can read more on will I get Govt job but please do not start making your own calculations. This can be risky. 

How to see the best career from a birth chart?

The tenth house in our kundli is called the karm bhava or the house of career and profession in Astrology. It indicates what activities or deeds we will do in our life. The tenth house is the main house of career. In astrology, the planetary influence on the tenth house decides your career and area of work. It only indicates the field of work you will get success and growth in. The ascendant is your body; Moon is your mental indulgence, and Sun is your involvement at the soul level. The tenth house from the ascendant shows the work done with the bodily strength of the native. In the same way, the tenth house from the Moon will show which work you find mental satisfaction and happiness while doing. The tenth from the Sun shows your natural interest and inclinations in some work. One can read more on role of Sun in Govt job .

The ancient Astrological text “Phaldeepika” propagates that one should select the career from the tenth house of the strongest of these three. When there is no planet in the tenth house from the ascendant, Moon or the Sun, then career should be decided by the Lord of the tenth house or its Lord in the Navamsa chart. It is important to analyze the tenth house from all these three indicators, i.e., the ascendant, Moon, and Sun. Which is the strongest of all can be decided by analyzing their positions in the birth chart. Whoever is the strongest of all, will be the main indicator and decisive factor of the career of the native. If a native chooses a career by the indications given by the strongest of these three, the native is sure to gain success, fame, and prosperity through their career.

Do not decide Career with blurry vision or making approximation using free tools or making your own judgments from the mathematical astrological birth chart. Your career is not astrology, so do not take much pride in showing excellence in reading birth chart. Your career is what your birth chart supports the best career for you.  Read another interesting story how a small calculation error by astrologer or person can land into a wrong career for life on select best career using birth chart . Connect with me for any specific query, call my office on +91 9278555588/9278665588. Hope I made some sense here. All the best.