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Who Called Me From This Phone Number: Most Effective Way To Find Out Who Called You 

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Who Called Me From This Phone Number: Most Effective Way To Find Out Who Called You 

These days it is quite common to receive calls from unknown numbers. While a few people might see no big deal in this, a large majority find it distressing and frustrating. Receiving calls from unknown numbers can easily get you anxious and contemplating whether to answer or not.

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“Who is calling me from this number?” is usually what you mutter to yourself whenever an unknown number calls you. While a call from family or friends is something you look forward to, getting calls from unknown numbers can be nerve racking. It makes several thoughts cross your mind all at the same time.
Asking yourself “who called me from this phone number” isn’t the only problem, getting calls from unknown numbers can signify a security threat as well as other issues. It can become troubling if this number keeps calling you repeatedly. 

Due to the curious nature of humans, the next step would be to find out who is calling you from this number. Over the years newer solutions to this problem keep popping up and the existing ones keep getting better. Before we get into how to know who called you from that number, let’s look at the problems with receiving calls from unknown numbers.

The Problem Of Unknown Calls These days it is quite common to receive calls from unknown numbers. While a few people might see no big deal in this, a large majority find it distressing and frustrating. Receiving calls from unknown numbers can easily get you anxious and contemplating whether to answer or not.

This is even worse if the unknown number calls repeatedly. Usually, the best course of action is to ignore these calls and let it go to voicemail. If the call is genuine, the caller will leave a message for you detailing how to catch up later. The number of scammers out there is increasing at an alarming rate; therefore answering an unknown number can get dangerous. According to Pew Research 8 out of 10 Americans no longer pick calls from unknown numbers.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Federal agencies have advised users to ignore calls from unknown numbers. This will protect them against scam calls and the likes. It’s unfortunate that there is no end in sight for calls from unknown numbers; however, there are ways to know who is calling you. When looking at your phone ringing from an unknown number, you only have one question; “who the heck is calling me?”. To answer that, let’s take a look at the likely possibility.

Who Is Calling Me From This Number – Who Might It Be? 

As I’ve said before, receiving phone calls from unknown numbers can be a nerve-racking experience. It is even worse if this number keeps calling you repeatedly. Let’s look at who might be calling you using an unknown phone number.
 1. Telemarketing Promotion
You’ve probably picked up a call from an unknown number in the past and an automated recording starts playing advertising a network product to you. Yeah, those are telemarketers. They’ve expanded so much in recent years that they reach out to users to market their products.
This might pose no harm to you in any way but can be a total waste of time. Therefore if you’re not interested in whatever the automated recording has to say, just hang up. These marketers are basically trying to get more customers to buy or subscribe to the product or service being advertised.
2. Scammers
Unfortunately, the number of scammers keeps increasing generally. And that includes those who operate using phone calls. Therefore, it is really dangerous picking up a call from an unknown number from a potential scammer.
First of all, this can lead to identity theft. Did I hear you ask how? If these scammers are able to record your voice during the call, it can be easily used to impersonate you. This is why they usually ask you questions, starting with those that require a yes or no answer. For instance, this voice recording of yours can be to fraudulently charge your credit card.
While the above situation is already bad, it can get worse. These scammers can portray themselves to be government agencies or legitimate businesses. By doing this they are able to deceive unsuspecting victims into sharing important information like credit card number or social security number. The bottom-line is that you should be suspicious of any unknown number, even more so when the unknown number is asking for personal information.
3. Prank Callers
Call pranksters are definitely not a new thing. Many unknown phone calls are from prank callers. These people have blurred the line between threat and humor. They can go as far as emotionally manipulating you just to keep you on the line and exploit your insecurities.
4. Emergency Situation
We all put someone’s number as an emergency contact in case something happens. When you receive a call from an unknown number, this might be the case. Not all unknown numbers are from malicious people. It could be a call from the hospital, the office, or even your babysitter. Ignoring this call because of its unknown number status can cost you a great deal and you will definitely regret it later.
5. Old Friend Or Relative
Life comes at you fast. Therefore during the stages of life you can lose contact with some of your friends or even relatives. The unknown number calling you can be a long lost friend or relative trying to make contact with you again. Ignoring it can become an obstacle to the rekindling of this relationship.
In a nutshell, a phone call from an unknown caller can be from different parties. It would be easier to answer and put your mind at ease if you can find out who is behind the unknown number. The next question becomes, how do you find out who is calling your number?

How To Find Out Who Is Calling Your Number
Several methods have been said to find who is behind the unknown number calling you. However, to the best of our knowledge, a reverse lookup service is the most efficient and your best bet. A reverse phone number lookup service basically gives you the opportunity to gather information about your unknown caller.
It would indeed be a nice venture to be able to look up that unknown phone number that has been harassing you and get a bit of information on them. This will make it clearer whether the number belongs to a possible scammer, telecom promotion, prank caller, old friend, etc. Reverse phone lookup services grant you this privilege.
It basically works as it sounds. To do a phone number lookup, all you have to do is put in the unknown phone number into the reverse lookup service and you’ll get all the available information on that number. These can include names, addresses, public records, etc.
Therefore to find out who is calling your phone with an unknown number, a reverse phone number lookup service is the best solution. However, another problem springs up. Which of the reverse phone lookup services should I use? Which phone number lookup service is the best?

The Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service
With an increase in the number of unknown callers you’d also expect the number of reverse phone lookup services to increase as well. It’s not a surprise because everybody wants to know who is calling with an unknown number and hence there are always people who would use a reverse lookup service.
Specifically picking one over the other can be quite cumbersome for users. To eliminate the bottleneck, we’ve done the heavy lifting by researching many reverse phone lookup services. Each reverse phone number lookup service was weighed against each other to find the best.
The best phone number lookup service from our research is one that provides accurate information on the phone numbers you input. This reverse phone number lookup service is called Spokeo. Let’s see what this lookup service has to offer and what makes it the best platform to find out who is calling you.

What Is Spokeo? 

Due to the accuracy of its search results, Spokeo has become the most used reverse phone lookup service worldwide. Asides its accuracy, Spokeo is known for its intuitive and easy to use interface. Therefore it is not really difficult to use as one might think.
As a bit of background information, Spokeo was started in 2006 as a social network aggregator by some Stanford graduates. However, over time this service grew to become a social search engine and incorporated paid services.
Spokeo has become a social search engine with over 20 million monthly visitors and about 12 billion records collected from more than 100 data sources. Those are huge numbers no doubt. The multiple sources of data ensure that enough data is provided to you as you input any phone number.
This phone number lookup service has an A+ rating and several thousand positive reviews on the internet. This is because it has helped millions of people identify unknown numbers; therefore connect with long lost friends or avoid being scammed.
Does this all-in-one information archive work as efficiently as it has been portrayed? Does Spokeo deliver on its claims and give accurate information on any phone number you put in? These are what we’ll cover further down this article. Now, let’s delve in.
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Features Of Spokeo
To accomplish the task of fetching accurate information, Spokeo comes with some pretty cool features you can’t find on some other reverse phone lookup services. Let’s take a look at some of them.
1. Standard People Search Option
Spokeo will spit out information on any phone number you input into the platform. Its standard search option will provide information like name, email, address, or even alternate phone numbers. However, paid plans provide more detailed information. Therefore if you’re looking for more information than name and email address, go for the paid services. The free version will indeed give you accurate information but it would be limited and even useless if you need a detailed report.
2. Geo-Grouping Algorithm
While Spokeo is a powerful reverse phone number lookup service, it can also take names as an input variable. For instance, you can input John Wright and it will pull up all the John Wrights in its database and their information. However, that will be plenty for you to go through. With its geo-grouping algorithm, Spokeo is able to group your search results based on geographical location. Therefore entering the state alongside the name will narrow down the search.
3. Spokeo Connections
If you’re one with many friends in real life and on social media, then you probably find it difficult to keep up with all the updates. Spokeo connections organize all your friends’ social media profiles and put them in one place. Doing this allows you to keep up with all necessary updates without toggling between profiles.  Currently Spokeo has a 30-day free trial for its connection feature, you can try it out.
4. Public Search Directory
Spokeo boasts of a massive public directory with over 300 million records. Fortunately this data isn’t company or user generated, rather they are publicly available. To get the most appropriate result, this reverse lookup service also uses data from third party services such as Criteo and Google.
5. Identity Protect
Identity theft is nothing new to your ears. Scammers can impersonate you and authorize transactions that can ruin your life. Spokeo’s Identity Protect prevents this from happening. It involves dark web monitoring, credit card monitoring, social security number monitoring, monthly credit report and a whole lot more. This will make your personal information near impossible to fall into the wrong hands.
6. Criminal and Court Records
For any background check you run, you have the opportunity to check their criminal background as well. Spokeo is able to get correct data on people’s past or present conviction, serving time, public arrest record, pending criminal cases, etc. Therefore you can easily access the criminal status of anyone you’re doing a background check on.
7. Identifies Unknown Calls and Texts
This is the main feature we’re concerned about. Spokeo is able to identify unknown phone numbers that have been calling or sending you texts. Therefore you can easily know whether the unknown number belongs to someone you know or not. With such identification you can easily ignore or block the number when necessary.

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Benefits Of Using Spokeo

Being the most popular phone number lookup service, Spokeo definitely has a couple of benefits to offer you. Let’s look at some of these benefits you stand to gain by using this reverse phone number lookup service.
1. Find Out Who Is Calling Or Texting You
Unwarranted calls from unknown numbers are very frustrating and anxiety-inducing at the same time. It makes multiple thoughts race through your mind as to who might be behind the unknown number. Ideally, you shouldn’t pick up or call back. However, what if it’s an emergency? Even though rare, you might not want to take that chance and regret it later.
Spokeo breaks this barrier for you. It finds out who is calling or called, thereby allowing you to choose the best course of action. Searching for the unknown phone number on this phone number lookup service will spare you the frustration and anxiety that comes with seeing an unknown caller especially if you’ve had a bad experience in the past.
2. Avoid Scams
While you might not have experienced this before, phone scams are on the rise. Unsuspecting users fall prey to these scam callers by giving out their personal information. They pose as legitimate businesses or government agencies and ask for your personal details such as social security number or credit card details.
This is one of the things you definitely don’t want to learn by experience. The end result of such scams can ruin your life in its entirety. Therefore with the knowledge of its existence, the best practice is to be careful of these calls and put security measures in place. This is where Spokeo comes in.
With its identity protect feature, it can help protect your identity and finance from scammers. This reverse lookup service can also label a specific number as scam thereby giving you the go ahead to block the number. These would prevent you from falling for a phone scam and losing your finances.
3. Verify Identity
We’re concerned about unknown phone numbers calling us, however, we also deal with a lot of unknown people online. You might want to buy something off a seller you know nothing about, or have an online date with someone you’ve never met. Isn’t that flat out dangerous? What if they are not who they claim to be?
Spokeo can help you verify people’s identity. You can easily verify if your online date is actually who he/she claims to be or not. Same things go for an online business you want to buy from. This verification will help prevent you from falling prey to pretty bad things such as fraud or kidnappings. Not bad right?
4. Time Saving
There are several free search engines out there that can also give you background information on people. Why choose Spokeo? How is it better?
These online search engines can provide you with very basic information quite alright. However, organization isn’t their stronghold. Therefore to get what you want you will have to go through hundreds of results, loads of web pages and several irrelevant information. This does not only prove to be frustrating but also time consuming.
Spokeo on the other hand provides you with an accurate result in an organized fashion using its geo-grouping feature. This makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in record time without any hassle.
5. Advanced Filtering 
Although Spokeo groups your search result based on geographical location, it can still be a pretty long list. To tackle this, the reverse lookup service uses advanced filtering options. This feature helps you further narrow down your results to the most likely. This way you can pinpoint the person you’re looking for in no time.

Pros and Cons

●    The sign-up process is quick and seamless
●    User interface is clean and easy to use
●    Makes use of billions of sources to provide accurate information
●    Many positive reviews online
●    Spokeo is not accredited by FCRA law
●    Just available in the USA
●    It cannot be used to screen potential employees or tenants.
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What People Have Said About Spokeo 

Conclusion – Who Called From This Number?

You don’t need to be agitated anymore when you receive a call from an unknown number. You can easily find out who is calling using a reverse phone lookup service. As we’ve already said, Spokeo is at the top of reverse phone number lookup services.
Spokeo is a user-friendly platform that allows users to search for background information on unknown numbers across the United States of America. It is very efficient at getting information such as names, emails, addresses, etc. 
Spokeo can protect you from scams and identity theft, help you find old friends and relatives and identify telemarketing phone numbers. This would come a long way in allaying your fear whenever an unknown phone number calls you. With Spokeo, the question, “who is calling me from this number?” will definitely be answered.
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