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Which House Is Seen For Money

Many people feel pampered seeing positive planets in different houses in the birth chart. And some start feeling dejected seeing negative planets. An absolutely incorrect way; if you have faith in Vedic astrology and respect your horoscope, understand that handling negative planets properly is the best to give you ultimate good results.


Vinay Bajrangi

Many people feel pampered seeing positive planets in different houses in the birth chart. And some start feeling dejected seeing negative planets. An absolutely incorrect way; if you have faith in Vedic astrology and respect your horoscope, understand that handling negative planets properly is the best to give you ultimate good results. Whatever you are allotted in the birth chart is at the time when your life was 00 minutes and is a result of what you did in your previous life(s). Now positive and money-gaining indications in your horoscope are bestowed to you from your previous life(s) deeds. Negative planets actually give you an opportunity to improve in the present life, which you could not do in the previous births. Planets do not give auto-generated guaranteed results. But it depends on how you use your free will in the present life to derive results. Good results and bad results depend on your own free will. You normally read that combination of some good planets in 2nd, 9th, 10th, and 11th house of birth chart gives your financial gains. But can you survive only by getting good money: what if you cannot control the losses. So learn to first focus on planets/houses that give money losses. If you can do this, you are doing justice to house/planets which give you money gains. So, people who come to me, I tell them to control planets/house giving money losses instead of just thinking which house/planet make you rich. Many keep earning but are still not rich, rather test the worst financial status of life. It happens only because they have not cared for planets/house that give losses. Now let us focus on which planets give losses: do not worry about which house/planets make you rich. If you cannot control these planets giving money loss, you are allowing a strong hole/eyelet to drain whatever you earn.  


Which house gives money loss 

Now let us understand house/planets responsible for monetary losses or financial setbacks/blockages.  

  1. The negative impact of the eight Lord on second/ eleventh houses/ their lords and Moon & Jupiter (Significator of wealth) can cause financial problems through poverty, sudden financial setbacks, bankruptcy, obstructions in earning/block of income, litigation, accidents, etc. 
  2. The negative impact of Sixth lord on second/ eleventh houses/ their lords and Moon & Jupiter ( Significator of wealth) can give financial problems through disputes, diseases, injuries, debts, enemies, and losses through theft, fire, cheating, litigation, etc. 
  3. An afflicted 6th house may cause a person to spend a big chunk of money on huge medical bills. 
  4. The negative impact of Twelfth lord on second/ eleventh houses/ their lords and Moon & Jupiter (Significator of wealth) can give financial problems through heavy financial losses, over expenditures, unable to save money or hospitalization, and imprisonment.  


 Which planets give money loss 

Now let us understand which planets are responsible for financial problems. 

  1. Rahu can give financial problems through cheating, greed, lust, overindulgence, and speculative tendencies. Do not forget stories of people, once at the helm of financial status are facing the worst miseries of their life due to uncontrolled Rahu: be it one time biggest stock market players, lustful Babas (so called spiritual Gurus), biggest bureaucrats and politicians.  
  2. Ketu is a non-materialistic planet, so it can block money or the flow of income. 
  3. Saturn can give financial losses through poverty, diseases, obstacles in earning, and efforts in the wrong direction or wrong karma. 

How to see wealth in a horoscope/birth chart? 

The planets in our birth chart indicate the tiniest of details about our lives. The planetary placement we are born with, called yoga in astrology, determines our possessions, relations, blessings, and miseries in life. The astrological yogas so formed promise auspiciousness or inauspiciousness in our life. A learned astrologer may accurately assess the quantum of money and wealth you will enjoy in this life!  

The planetary combinations make good or bad yogas to fructify the results of our respective karmas on us. To see money in your birth chart, first of all, there has to be wealth yoga or Dhan yoga in your chart. Not everyone is born with Dhan yoga but whoever has, is sure to amass great wealth in life.  


There are specific houses of wealth as prescribed in astrological texts. These are mainly the 2nd and 11th house of a birth chart. But any learned astrologer can’t give a shallow prediction merely by looking at the strength of these two houses. These houses surely show the inflow of money, but what about caring for house/planets for money losses.  

What would you do if your outflow of money was greater than the inflow? So, checking the houses indicating the outflow of money in terms of expenses, losses, investments, theft, etc. needs to be assessed carefully. A money horoscope narrates the true story of your wealth by taking into consideration every important planet, house, Dasha, and transit of the planets.  


Which house makes me rich  

Now having understood house/planets for money losses, which planets give money, which house gives money, how can money horoscope helps know about money/wealth - the next question is: which house makes a person rich. Now read house seen for making a person rich, but again one should focus more on planets/house that gives money losses. Because if you cannot control your financial losses or money outflow, no planet can make you RICH. 

  1. The second house in the horoscope shows the financial status and wealth accumulation capability of a person. How sufficiently we would accumulate wealth in life is seen from the second house of our birth chart. This is also an Arth trikona house (2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are the Arth trikona houses). Thus, in a horoscope, if the second house, second Lord and the karaka Jupiter are in strong positions, this house gives financial prosperity to the native.    
  2. The eleventh house is the main house of income for an individual. The 11th house in birth chart shows different sources of profits or benefits in life. This is a house of fulfillment of desires for us. Everyone today desires for financial prosperity and growth. Thus this house may fulfill this common desire of all.       
  3. The ninth house in birth chart is called the Laxmi Sthana, or the place of Goddess Laxmi. The fifth and ninth houses are called the Laxmi sthana in Astrology. The ninth house is also called the house of fortunes because it gives information about our luck or fortune in life. Luck plays an important role in the accumulation of wealth and financial prosperity in life. Thus, if the ninth house, ninth Lord and karaka Jupiter are in strong positions, they can bestow monetary benefits and prosperity in life.      
  5. The tenth house gives information about our karmas i.e. deeds and area of work. Which work will give monetary benefits or gain or wealth to us? This house indicates this information. Apart from this, 9th house also indicates our hard work and recognition gained through them. As per Astrology, 9th house is seen for high status, respect, recognition, and fame attained by the native. Thus, this house plays an important role in determining the financial benefits in someone’s life. 


 Houses/planets seen for wealth and financial benefits  

  1. Apart from the above house indicating money gains/financial prosperity, we see the sixth house related to job and services. We earn salary through our job only. So, the sixth house is an important house to ascertain the economic conditions of an individual. The 6th house is also an Arth trikona house. The 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses are the Arth trikona houses in Astrology. Thus, if the sixth house and the sixth Lord are in a strong position, it gives financial prosperity in life. 
  2. The seventh house is a house related to the business of a native. Business people get income through business only. Thus, to ascertain the financial position of an individual it is very important to assess the seventh house. If the seventh house, its Lord and karaka Mercury are in a strong position, the native gets economic benefits in life.    
  3. Jupiter plays the dominant role in giving financial benefits and prosperity in life. Jupiter is considered a karaka of wealth, grandeur, property and fortunes in astrology. Jupiter is also a karaka of the 2nd, 11th, and 9th houses (the houses of fortunes and wealth) and thus plays the most important role in bestowing economic benefits to the native.    
  4. Moon is the second planet for economic wealth and prosperity. The Moon gets exalted in the second house (Taurus is the exaltation sign of the Moon) in the natural horoscope or the kalpurush kundli. It owns the fourth house of materialistic pleasures, comforts, and luxuries in the kalpurush kundli.   
  5. Venus is the third most important planet to give financial prosperity and wealth. Venus is seen for a person's materialistic comforts, growth, prosperity, wealth, and properties. According to astrology, Goddess Laxmi ji has been considered the deity of planet Venus. Goddess Laxmi bestows its devotees with wealth, luxuries, and prosperity in life. This is the reason why Venus is considered a wealth-giving planet. In kal purush kundli, Venus rules the second and seventh houses (houses showing benefits gained through wealth and business) and thus gives monetary benefits and financial prosperity to the native.    


Can I take loan according to birth chart 

Whatever we do, our intentions play a major role in the fructification of results in life. Taking loans for genuine reasons and borrowing with pre-conceived bad intentions carry a different perspective completely. The benefic and malefic influences at your ascendant narrate your tendencies to use loans for genuine or deceitful purposes. The intent of the native is very important as a corrupt intention will definitely push you under huge debts. These tendencies can’t even be altered with astrological remedies, and the person has to bear disgrace, humiliation, shame, suffering and pains.  

People take loans for several reasons, which may vary from professional and business needs to the desire for a luxuriant life style. It is very important to mention that not everyone is meant for borrowings. It is not as simple as applying for loans in your nearby bank: it sometimes takes a toll on your whole life.  


We see instances where people enjoy a smooth life even with a huge burden of debts on their heads. On the other hand, there are people who get trapped into a terrible debt trap even with smallest of the borrowings.  

So, plan your efforts, take a loan but just spend a few minutes with a good astrologer to see:  

  • Can you take loan according to birth chart?  
  • Whether you should take the loan at all to serve the purpose?. 
  • If you take a loan, will you be able to repay? 
  • Let a loan not become a debt trap for your entire life. And then you blame your planetary placements for that! Therefore, spending a few minutes on your birth chart before taking any loan makes some sense.  


People may take loans for the following genuine reasons: 

Loan for property – Before taking any loan against or for any property, one needs to see whether the person has a Property Yoga in the birth chart. A negative yoga may result in accumulating interests over the years with losing property at the end due to failure to repay the loan. Here also, the purpose of taking a loan will matter. Whether it has been taken for living or for buying and selling to make financial gains? Remember, not everyone can gain through dealing in property business. In such a case, the loan becomes a disaster for that native.  


Loan for education: Get your horoscope checked to know your chances of success in the education stream or course you are taking the loan.  

Loan for foreign settlement: whether you have foreign settlement yoga? Know this beforehand; else loan will only invite troubles and a debt trap in your life.  

Loan for stock market activities: know your possibilities of earning through the stock market before taking any loans to make a fair decision.  

Personal Loans: It is a humble suggestion to avoid such loans just for a false social image of affluence. Take such loans only in the "do and die situation" - else, it can become a dragon snake. Check birth chart before taking loan.   


The main planets to identify loans and debts in the horoscope are Rahu, Mars & Saturn, and the main house indicating financial issues in the horoscope are 6th, 8th, 11th, and 12th Houses.  

For debt, the planet Mars plays a dominant role. Rahu and Saturn will further aggravate the situation.  

Mars if making any connections with Dusthana gives passion, overconfidence, and drive to indulge in wrong habits only to repent later.  

Saturn signifies slow pace and persistence. It doesn’t let the person come out of the problem easily and let him/her undergo frustration and miseries for a prolonged period. It may keep the native under the burden of debts for much longer durations. 


Rahu is a planet of illusions, mystery, and greater materialistic attachments. A Negative Rahu promotes indulgence in illegitimate activities, giving extreme consequences later in life. Rahu, if placed in the 8th house may complicate the situation to the worst, causing bankruptcy. 

So better learn to take care of the house/planets that can give you money losses instead of just looking at the planets for money gains. Learn to control your lust, greed, extra spending, over- ambitions, over-confidence, overindulgence, and whatever is explained above.  Do not sit back pampered seeing planets giving money gains in your birth chart. It can be useful reading daily horoscope as to what planets indicate for you for that day. You can always manage your decision for other day.  


Read more about what does your finance horoscope says. You may not lose anything but are sure to get some benefits.  

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