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Which Coins Are Ready To Explode In 2024? 5 Coins To Buy Before EOY!

There are early indicators that 2024 is going to be a good year for crypto so we checked out which coins are ready to explode in 2024.


2023 has been a good year for the crypto market and it looks like that is set to continue into the new year. Of course, the crypto market is a risk market and is subject to volatility so we cannot say for sure. However, this year the market showed resilience to outside factors that it hadn’t shown previously so we think we can predict 2024 has good things in store.

With Bitcoin ETF approval seemingly on the horizon and an upcoming Bitcoin halving event in April, there are many positive things to look forward to. That means that investors should be already looking to invest in projects that are ready to explode in 2024.

We went to the presale market and found 5 coins to buy before the end of the year. Here they are:

  • Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF)
  • Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)
  • Meme Kombat ($MK)
  • TG.Casino ($TGC)
  • Pikamoon (PIKA)

Let’s take a deep dive into each coin and see why they are ready to explode in 2024.

Bitcoin ETF Token- The project best positioned to profit from ETF approval

We hinted above at the fact that Bitcoin ETF approval would be huge for the market in general. One coin has positioned itself at the front of the line to profit from this, Bitcoin ETF Token (BTCETF). The project has cleverly tied itself to something that will likely have a hugely positive effect on the whole market. But what is an ETF and why is it so important to crypto?

ETF stands for exchange traded fund and it is a collection of assets whose shares are traded on a stock market. It had been a pipe dream for so long for crypto enthusiasts but now it seems it could soon be a reality. A Bitcoin ETF will allow investors to purchase crypto at a lower risk and in a much more similar way to buying stock. The move will legitimize crypto and bring it into the mainstream consciousness.

Why are we so confident Bitcoin ETF Token will see massive gains when positive news breaks regarding ETF progress? Because of the impact the news has had so far. Earlier this year, BlackRock was the first to file an application with the SEC and this caused the whole market to pump. In October BlackRock’s proposed Bitcoin ETF showed up on the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation and it caused Bitcoin to pump 12% in one day alone.

An easy conclusion can be drawn from this information. ETF progress causes massive cryptos like Bitcoin to pump so the gains it can provide for Bitcoin ETF Token should be explosive. The project will also dedicate 25% of BTCETF to staking to give the coin some utility and provide investors with a passive income.

Bitcoin Minetrix- Early indicators suggest this Bitcoin mining token will explode in 2024

The presale for Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) has already raised over $4.6 million in a short space of time but is showing no signs of slowing down. What might seem a niche project at first glance is actually becoming very popular as investors realize it provides a solution to a massive Bitcoin mining problem that plagues the sector.

Bitcoin has exploded in popularity in the last 10 years and for better or worse so has the mining of the coin. This has presented issues inside and outside crypto. For crypto enthusiasts, it has made mining Bitcoin almost impossible. Due to the fact that mining now takes place at an industrial scale, it has eliminated any Bitcoin miner that isn’t super rich or have the technical know-how.

The solution that Bitcoin Minetrix provides is a mixture of cloud mining and staking that is called stake-to-mine. How it works is pretty simple: investors can stake their BTCMTX as they usually would and earn a very generous passive income, or they can exchange their tokens for mining credits. These are non-transferable ERC-20 tokens that have only one use: to be burnt in exchange for mining time or a share of the yields. This lets the everyday investor mine once again.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Meme Kombat- We are predicting this will be the most popular P2E game in 2024

We are super excited about the release of Meme Kombat ($MK) and believe it will be the biggest game of 2024. They have taken lots of steps for us to think this, the first being the game takes inspiration from one the best fighting game franchises of all time: Mortal Kombat.

The big difference, however, is that in Mem Kombat the fighters are the most popular memes from the last 10 years. Meme coin enthusiasts will love this as they can battle it out with Pepe, Wojack, and the rest. The game also uses the latest in AI technology to deliver an immersive gaming experience that will provide endless hours of entertainment.

If that wasn’t enough to satisfy you there is also a wagering component to the game that is very detailed. Players can bet against the computer, other players, or even side bet on fight events like what the first move is. The odds system is very fair and works like an actual sportsbook giving you big favorites and long-shot bets. We can't ever see being bored playing this game.

TG.Casino- A Telegram casino that is dedicated to rewarding its players

The last project on the ‘which coins are ready to explode in 2024 list’ is TG.Casino ($TGC) and you read right it is going to be a Telegram casino . The casino has secured a partnership with one of the most downloaded apps in the world.

Crypto casinos are gaining popularity but still have not broken into the mainstream. This Telegram partnership legitimizes TG.Casino in a huge way and opens it up to much more potential players. The fact that anyone with the app can now use the casino makes it an easy inclusion on this list. They also get all the features of an app best known for its great security and privacy features.

The other factor that sets TG.Casino out from the crowd is its promise to reward investors and players. Every day, the project is going to purchase open market $TGC using casino profits. 40% of the $TGC is going to be burnt, which creates valuable scarcity. The other 60% is going to go toward sustaining the ecosystem. This involves staking rewards and casino rewards for loyal players. A winning formula for sure.

TG Casino

Pikamoon- This P2E game has raised over $4.2 million and could pump in 2024

Pikamoon (PIKA) is the second P2E game on this list so clearly, we are expecting a comeback for a sector that has struggled in 2023. You will see a pattern here, we like Piakmoon because of the game it has taken inspiration from. As you may have guessed from the name, that's Pokemon.

In Pikamoon, however, players can earn PIKA instead of winning badges as they progress through the game. It really does look like a new Pokemon game, and as this is one of the most successful gaming franchises of all time we think this gives Pikamoon a chance at reaching a huge audience. The bigger the audience the bigger the pump.


So there you have which coins we think are ready to explode in 2024. We still have a month left in 2023 but this is the perfect time to start looking at presales and investing before they pump. The first four coins we listed above especially look like they will explode soon so investors should act fast.

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