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What Happens In Sade Sati- Hear It From Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

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What Happens In Sade Sati- Hear It From Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

Sade Sati is the result of the regular transit of Saturn from one sign to another sign. Sade sati period relates to the transit of Saturn around the natal moon of the native.

Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer
Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." - Søren Kierkegaard.

This quote by Danish Philosopher and Religious author says:
•    Learn from the past.
•    Analyse it.
•    Study it all about yourself.
•    Learn and move forward.

If you cannot learn, face it, and this is what Saturn does to us. The further article is for those who believe in Karma and correcting Karmas at the right time than running to astrologers when they are in miseries.  

Saturn is all about your Karma, so making Saturn your friend or enemy is in your own hands. And when it comes to Shani, Sade Sati is probably one of the most vulnerable word you might have heard. This article is more pertinent to people around 20, 50, and 80 Years because these are the stages of life when a person is at the most crucial stage of transformation though life changes every day.  

You have an interest or no interest in astrology, but Shani Ki Sade Sati will not be out of your mind generally. Whether you know yourself or people around you, talk about Sade Sati, but it seems one of the scariest words in human life. You will find this article absolving Saturn of all the misconceptions and bad effects of Sade Sati.

 All make mistakes, but then you have to choose between Introspection OR avoidance/high-headedness and disbelief. Former ones will take Saturn as the best planet to give them ample opportunity to improve through Introspection. Latter ones will blame Saturn as the worst planet for their miseries. If Saturn punishes, it gives you ample 7.5 years to correct what you did in the last 22.5 years and signals to improve. If you improve, Saturn is the best planet, and if you don't, Saturn is the most harmful planet for you. Now let us talk about how this works and understand about Shani ki Sade Sati. 

Should you fear Saturn

Saturn is one of the most favourite planets for many of us, the astrologers, to highlight and attribute most of the miseries in a person's life. And why only Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars (Mangal) are also in this favourite list. This is astrology based only on negatives in a horoscope and getting them rectified with remedies. There can also be another way: confront the person with wrong deeds and guide them on how to correct them with best Karmic correction with minimum remedies. These wrong deeds can be of past life(s) or present life. But correcting them for a better present life and then lay a better foundation for the next life is in our hands. I cannot explain the significations of all the so-called enemy planets: be it Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, and Mars in a single write-up, so here I would like to explain about what is Sade Sati, when does it come to a person, what are the effects of Sade Sati on human life and most importantly what to do to handle Sade Sati. 

What is Sade Sati 

Sade Sati is the result of the regular transit of Saturn from one sign to another sign. This is nothing new as all planets keep moving and show different effects in different signs so is Saturn. Sade sati period relates to the transit of Saturn around the natal moon of the native. It begins as Saturn enters the 12th sign from your natal moon and ends when it exits the 2nd sign from your natal moon chart. In each sign, it remains for 2.5 years, so it has 7.5 years in three signs.

Saturn stays in one sign for 2.5 years then moves to another sign. And this transit brings Sade Sati but not on one sign; it will bring Sade Sati on Three Signs with different intensities. Please understand clearly: Each Sade Sati has impact on Three Signs but releases one sign from it. Understand simply: When the next Saturn transit happens on 29th April 2022 in Aquarius, three signs will have the impact of Sade Sati: Capricorn (sign prior to Aquarius) Aquarius itself and Pisces (sign after Aquarius). Intensity, as said earlier, will be different. And also, people below the age of 18/19 Years should not even think about it unless someone is into apparently heinous habits or outlawed. One important point to note here is that it will ease Sagittarius from its direct impact. But it does not authorize or leverage Sagittarians to restore to indulging in bad karmas because Shani Sade sati will repeat its cycle. Now, understand how does Sade impacts us. 

How does Sade sati impact us

How will Sade Sati affect you depends on you, the way you deal with it. God willing, you have a life between 20 to 50 years, Sade Sati will come on you in any case, but nothing to worry about. Sade Sati comes on all within the age group specified above in their life. 
The biggest impact of Sade Sati is that it makes a person impassionate, thoughts of losses, dithering nature, take small-small things high in the head, and always with unpleasant thoughts. This is the worst signification of Saturn. But once you know you are under Shani ki Sade Sati, you should control your unwanted anxiety and not lose confidence. Learn to keep cool and have patience. If you cannot, you are succumbing to the basic nature of Saturn. You should think that Saturn alone cannot overpower the good effects of all other planets. Saturn cannot act in ISOLATION for 7.5 years or eat away all good effects of the other eight planets in these 7.5 years.   
Saad sati has three stages: one sign before your moon sign, when it is in your sign, and when it lands in the sign after your Moon sign. The first stage separates one from his support system (family, money, friends) because of disputes or job or sickness, accidents. The second or middle stage is the most critical stage that leads to actual transformation related to mind, profession, and your partner, so this stage is most important for everybody. The third and last stage is replenishing, which means whatever was lost in the first stages, so one should consider this stage usually good at the end. However, the intensity and impact of Sade Sati at each stage can vary. 

Now comes the question: how does Sade Sati impact us. It is not Sade Sati that impacts, but it is the Karmas done in the period before Sade Sati. Rather Sade sati blesses you with a period of 7.5 years to introspect make efforts to rectify all wrongs done before Sade Sati. 

Saturn is a neutral planet that has no body or shape. But it has the judgmental capabilities to keep a balance sheet of what you do. If inflicted, best of the friendly planets can drift a person towards a wrong deed, which might give short-termed good results, success, popularity, and worldly pleasures. The person becomes blindfolded, falls prey to façade, becomes arrogant, and starts feeling above the normal world. But forgets that someone is counting all these acts. 

I cannot explain all such reasons in this write-up but would explain one example. 
We know the planet Venus is for females, love, romance, and luxury. But suppose a person has inflicted Venus. It can make a person abuse Venus's significations, indulge in wrong deeds, abuse affection and attraction from the opposite sex, continue thriving towards more luxury, power, glamour, and keep counting upward. But when all such acts have lived their life, comes Sade Sati, and the person is reprimanded, punished, and faces the worst miseries of life: whom will you blame? Venus or Saturn. The story does not end here. Saturn, as the noble planet, gives you 7.5 years to correct yourself but still, if you do not change, it means your mind is blindfolded, you are arrogant, and continue doing what you feel is OK. Saturn will come into the picture, and you had it. 

I will not name, but you can search on the internet, very prominent Babas (so-called spiritual Gurus) faced the worst miseries of their life around the period of Sade Sati. They were no doubt punished by Saturn but why: because they misused the significations of VENUS. Saturn was counting on all deeds, and when the pot of sins was filled, Saturn punished them. They had the best of their lives for many years before the Sade Sati period came on them. But if one does not hear the sound of the conscious, realizes what he is doing is not right, and does not want to change, some power will change them. This is what Sade Sati did to them. Anyways, I had to elaborate on one example for readers to understand and co-relate with what I am trying to explain. 

Is Sade Sati always bad

No, Sade Sati is never bad; rather, this is the best period one gets in his lifetime. It gives you 7.5 years to correct yourself for whatever you would have done in life till this period. Have you heard of people who remain successful throughout life? Does that mean Shani ki Sade sati has spared them or forgotten them? No, they would have learned the lesson from their own deeds and made the best use of these 7.5 years. This is what starting this article says: learn to look backward, introspect and move forward. But then there is another set of people who see success become arrogant, over-confident, and cross the boundaries, indulge in wrong deeds. Then once in trouble, blame Shani Dasha, Shani ki Sade Sati. I have explained one example above. 

What to do in Sade Sati/How to handle Sade Sati

What should one do in Shani ki Sade sati? There are two ways to know what to do in Sade Sati: You don't need an astrologer to know what to do in Shani ki Sade sati? Just find through Sade Sati Calculator when this period of Shani ki Sade Sati will come on you. Prepare yourself for Introspection, prick your conscious and draw a plan for Karma Correction. Another way is to keep doing what your mightiness says, ignore the Theory of Karma, land into trouble, and then plead before an astrologer asking for Remedies for Sade Sati.

Best remedy for Sade Sati

Saturn undoubtedly connects with human sufferings intricately, but it also gives us the courage to fight adversities. No materialistic remedy can absolve you of Saturn's fierce impact except your own Karmic correction. 

Do not let any friendly planet dance over your head to sway towards the wrong side. Friendly planets can also harm you, as explained in the above example. Saturn is neutral but is merciless when it reacts. Still, if reading till here, you have not understood the correlation of Saturn's impact to your Karma, chant Hanuman Chalisa, visit Lord Shani temple on Saturdays. Make small offerings of Mustard oil and black sesame seeds looking at the feet of Lord Shani. Do not make any eye contact with this mighty planet. Saturn is not bad but still, if you want to know more, read on how to control Saturn

One can also read more about the role of Saturn in different houses. Still, any doubts, need any help, connect with me/call my office on +91 9278555588/9278665588.