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What Causes Delay In Marriages, Know It From Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

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What Causes Delay In Marriages, Know It From Astrologer Vinay Bajrangi

Reasons for delay in marriage can be both planetary and self-created and that is where this article is a little different than normal astrological reasons for late marriage.

Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer
Vinay Bajrangi, Astrologer

This article is very different on the topic of delay in marriages. Delayed marriages off late have become a common phenomenon in society. Now, do you think only planets are responsible for late marriage? No, in many cases, we ourselves ignore the importance of marriage at the right age, miss the best cycle for getting married, and then blame the planets. 

Main reasons for delay in marriages

Reasons for delay in marriage can be both planetary and self-created and that is where this article is a little different than normal astrological reasons for late marriage. Just consider a few important points below:
1. This article holds more significance for people who are much more focused on career, especially the female segment in the present times. The parents are worried about the late marriage of the child, and the child is focused too much on the career. For them, marriage looks like bondage. 
2. The moment we think of astrology for marriage, we mostly talk about the 7th house and Venus. But do you know that the 7th house is the secondary house for the 10th house also, the house of career and profession . A person who can not avail full benefits of the 7th house may miss many privileges and benefits of the 10th house also. 
3. Also, you do know that all 12 houses in your horoscope have a very strong intrinsic relationship amongst them. Did you also know that for some, marriage becomes Fate accelerator, to boost the 9th house of fate? Marriage, for many, lays a foundation for Bhagyauday. 
4. In Hinduism, Marriage is not just a custom or event in life; rather, it is seen as one of the most important sanskaras one is supposed to follow in the present life. Marriage is the third sanskara out of the four sanskaras mentioned in smritis or Hindu ideology, namely Jatakarma, Upanayana, Vivah, and Antyeshti. This speaks of the importance of marriage in one's life and is supposed to form or carry karmic bonds in a person's life. So if you are delaying marriage for known reasons, you would be missing the benefits of many Good Yogas, which do not blossom till you get married.
5. Marriage is known to bring Saubhagya or bliss to the couple getting married. So delayed marriage, for whatever reason, can stretch you away from the many benefits you are entitled to. In astrology, it is not just the coming together of two people for our whole life but also karmic bondage that we carry from our past lives. The life partner you get, the timings of your marriage, the age at which you get married, and many other marriage-related matters completely depend on astrological yogas formed in your birth chart. Even the direction and location of your marriage may be decided with the planetary placement in your chart with the help of marriage astrology. A specified age is considered appropriate for getting married in different societies, and years-long delays after that specified marriageable age are not considered good
6. If the delay in marriage with a person's own will, we probably need to focus on the repercussions/results of late marriage. But delay in marriage due to malefic planetary influences in your horoscope can be seen from your kundli. 
There are specific combinations seen for delay in marriage. These combinations are all person-specific; therefore one should not start deriving inferences. 

What combinations cause delay in marriage
There are specific combinations that lead to delay in marriage. Again these combinations leading to delay in marriage are person-specific and may not apply equally to all. Whoever knows even little of astrology already knows that the main house seen for marriage is the seventh house and other supportive houses are 1st, 2nd, 4th and 11th house in a birth chart. 
1. In astrology, Saturn is known to bring delay and slowness to related matters. So, its presence or association with the seventh house may become one of the major reasons for the delay in marriage.
2. Apart from this, if the seventh lord or the karaka of marriage i.e. Jupiter and Venus are placed in afflictions in any house in the natal chart, it becomes a reason for delay in marriage/problems in marriage.
3. Influence of malefic planets like Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu also bring negative results to a married life.
4. Weakness of ascendant and seventh lord may also cause delay in marriage.
5. Sometimes, even if everything is good, the native is not getting supportive Dasha for getting married.
6. Seventh house may be fine, but some strong spiritual yoga may cause delay in marriage which wants the native to follow a spiritual path in life.  
Like that there are different combinations leading to delay in marriage which can be read further down in this narration. 
Can an astrologer help if marriage is delayed
Yes, an astrologer can help if the marriage is delayed. All above are technical astrological reasons to cause delay in marriage. You surely need a good marriage astrologer to identify such reasons leading to late marriages. Now I will try to explain some simple do's and don'ts to overcome delay in marriage

Do's and Don'ts to avoid delay in marriage

You will read many universally suggested remedies to avoid delay in marriage. As explained above, each individual's social, economic, family, and surrounding circumstances are different. So there cannot be some common dos and don'ts to avoid delay in marriage. Still, I can give some simple do's to avoid marriage delays.

Some do's to avoid delay in marriage
Take fullest benefits of the 7th house to know all about your future life partner. A good astrologer using the 7th house can tell you direction, profession, and background your life partner will come from. Once you know this, you get a clear direction to search for a future life partner, your search gets refined than looking for all open avenues. Refined search with some clear direction helps a person avoid delay in marriage.

There are specific cycles in the horoscope to get married, particularly Dasha that favours your marriage. If your marriage is slipping, consult a good marriage astrologer to know the best time for your marriage. Accelerate your efforts in the right time for marriage to get the desired results. If you miss this best time to marry, your efforts can become desperate.

Try to leverage your parameters for the spouse. Many times, very stringent perceptions about the life partner leave a person unmarried for a longer time. We might miss the right partner because our own mindset and good probable spouse slips away.

One can worship Lord Vishnu to cure "no marriage yoga." Regular worship of Lord Krishna also helps for the same reason.
Worship Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva as they are considered karakas of marriage. Worshipping them and keeping fast on Mondays proves an excellent remedy to cure delays in marriage.

Don'ts to avoid delay in marriage
Take my best advice on don'ts to avoid delay in marriage: If you are being over-aged for marriage purposes, look back into your parameters laid for the spouse. Sometimes our aspirations for spouse are too closely knit; we expect too much and want to define future life partner with many fantasies and parameters. Too fine definition of the spouse is one of the biggest reasons for delay in marriage. Do not take me otherwise but many times parents are also responsible for this. This is one of the biggest don'ts to avoid delay in marriage. Think of the life partner in a practical way. 

Please do not indulge in mindless, universally known rituals and remedies. All have the pre-destined spouse, and we should know how to reach him/her. Learn more about how to know all about your life partner using your birth chart.

 Many suggest wearing yellow sapphire, feeding cows with green vegetables, and similarly many such rituals. You can try all this, but best take benefit of my two decades' practical experience. Follow do's to avoid late marriage as explained above and overcome all reasons for delay in marriage. 
Problems of a late marriage
A late marriage may result in not getting a suitable match as most of your age might have got married already. Problems in progeny, mutual understanding, and childbirth are caused due to physical and mental complications. When you are mentally strong with advancement in career and time, you tend to become rigid and don't compromise easily, causing frictions in relations. Lack of adjustment and compromise on each other's part ruin marital bliss in a couple's life. 

Finding out no marriage yoga in a horoscope
Not every person gets married, and we witness the same in practical life. There are so many celebrities and known personalities who have preferred to remain single and not get married. We have to see No-marriage in its broader spectrum. "No marriage" does not mean that the native will not find a partner throughout. But it may work a little differently, causing any of the following situations: 
1.    Complete denial of marriage: This is particularly denial of marriage, which means no marriage. In this case, the seventh house and lord may be too badly afflicted that it fails to bring any kind of marriage possibilities for the native. This eliminates any kind of love relationship as well.
2.    Marriage lacks marital bliss: This yoga involves the happening of marriage, but there is a complete absence of marital bliss in the couple's life. It majorly happens due to the involvement of the 8th and the 12th houses. 
3.    The live-in relationship only: It happens due to over strength of the 5th house/Venus and the weakness of the seventh house. 
4.    The presence of Rahu in the seventh house in affliction with two or more malefic planets also causes no marriage.
5.    The absence of any benefic influence on the seventh house, along with the presence of malefic planets in the seventh house from the Moon and Venus, also give indications of no marriage.
6.    The great affliction of planet Moon placed in the seventh house also causes no marriage yoga. 
7.    Like that, there are many combinations seen for the delay in marriage to reaching the No Marriage Yoga. 

Marriage is one of the top most turning points is a persons' life. Marrying in time, marrying the right person gives you benefits of many houses and Yogas in your horoscope. One can read more about reasons for the delay in marriage. With proper astrological consultation, one may find out the possible reasons for the delay in marriage. 

Learn to take the best benefits of marriage astrology, get marriage predictions using your birth to ensure you marry in time with the right person. Still any specific issues, connect with me through my website/call my office on +9278665588/9278555588.