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Weight Loss Clinics Near Me 2023 Updated List: Over The Counter And Prescription Weight Loss Clinics That Prescribe Phentermine Near Me

A weight loss centre or a weight loss clinic is a place from where people can get help to lose weight. The weight loss clinics guide people with new strategies and approaches that can suits them best to stay healthy and fit.

Weight Loss Clinics

Obesity has taken the toll almost everywhere around the globe. Two out of three adults in USA are either fall in the bracket of being overweight or struggling with obesity. Amid the long list of solutions for weight loss available all around you, one should always move forward with the safest solution. Click Here to Buy OTC Phentermine 

Weight loss Clinics are one of the most reliable ways to get help to lose and maintain a healthy weight for long term. The weight loss clinics and health centres are all over the USA. However, you must approach to the ones that are credible and trustworthy. You need to do proper research about weight loss clinics before deciding on any one place.  

Most people are confused that when they should see a doctor or a weight loss clinic. If you have tried various ways of losing weight and you are concerned about not getting the potent results, it is better to consult with the experienced health care provider. Especially, if you are an older adult with the risks of other health conditions, you should take the help of health care provider to determine the causes for your stuck weight.  

In this article, you will get a complete insight about why visiting a health care provider is important? Why should you get some help to get on the right path for weight loss? And what steps you should take to approach for right help. Read the complete article below to get all the necessary information.  

Weight loss Clinics Near Me  

Before diving deep into the process followed by the weight loss clinics, it is important to know what a Weight loss clinic is. A weight loss centre or a weight loss clinic is a place from where people can get help to lose weight. The weight loss clinics guide people with new strategies and approaches that can suits them best to stay healthy and fit. The best weight loss clinics are the ones with trained doctors and medical staff who will guide the patients with the tried and proven weight loss strategies that ease up their weight loss journey.  

If you are thinking to get help from Weight loss Clinics, you should ideally choose the one that offers a complete guidance under the supervision of an experienced doctor or other trained medical professionals who have an in-depth knowledge about losing weight. Not all weight loss clinics are credible, as there are some where patients are advised with weight loss pills directly without evaluating their medical history. These are the red flags from any medical weight loss centres that you should strictly avoid, as their approach is totally unsafe and won’t lead to a healthy weight loss.  

Instead, you should always prefer a weight loss centre that focuses on lifestyle-change counselling or behavioural changes along with the focus on doctor-supervised plans. The reliable weight loss clinics will always guide you about health choices and tips that you should incorporate in your life to attain sustainable weight loss. In addition, the expert doctors always provide the patients with a proper weight loss plan that involves diet, exercise and supplements.  

Things to Expect on a Weight Loss Clinic visit? 

When you visit a reliable and professional weight loss clinic, you will have to undergo with the process of initial consultation. In this process, your clinician will: 

  • Ask about our health and medical history 

  • Ask about your lifestyle 

  • Get to know about your exercise habits / Activity levels  

  • Determine your Body Mass Index, i.e., measuring your weight in relevance with your height.  

  • Keeping in considering all the investigation factors, the doctor will then design a customized weight loss program for you that is suitable as per your health conditions. Every individual has different health struggles; while some have chronic illnesses, other may have physical limitations that make workouts challenging for them. Every individual is different and therefore need a whole different and customized plan as per their suitability and body needs. There is no single approach for weight loss that works for all. However, most weight loss centres focus on a calorie-controlled diet or a meal replacement plan to increase the weight loss when you first start their weight loss program.  

    Following are the common strategies that you will be provided by the weight loss clinics: 

    • Gradual dietary changes with low-impact exercise routine, like walking or no-equipment exercises. 

  • Tracking all the calories that you eat throughout the day and recording how much you exercise every week.  

  • A customized low-calorie diet plan with 45-minutes’ walks daily.  

  • Weight loss medications with a diet plan and complete supervision.  

  • Besides that, a good weight loss clinic will guide you about the stress management and sleep management, as the importance of sleep is evident for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The provided weight loss strategy will depend on your weight, diet, and medical history.  

    If a weight loss clinic is pushing you towards any quick fixes or touts that you will lose 10 lbs every week or there is no need of exercising and limiting calories, you should better know that this is a complete NO-NO approach to follow. The best and practical weight loss clinics will always guide you about the weight loss as a long-term process that needs to make behavioural and lifestyle changes to improve your health.  

    Prescription Weight Loss Clinics Near Me 

    If you are adult and have been fighting obesity since long, it is time for you to change the weight loss approach. If you have developed severe health problems because of your excess weight and no diet and exercise is helping you out in losing enough weight, the good solution for you might be to go for prescription weight loss drug. It is important to that there are Prescription Weight loss clinics that advised you the suitable weight loss drug as per your medical conditions.  


    These weight loss drugs are used alongside with diet and exercise and cannot make you lose weight at their own alone.  

    The doctors at the Prescription Weight loss clinics will conduct a discussion session with you and inquiries about: 

    • Symptoms you are experiencing  

  • Current medications  

  • General mental and physical health  

  • Underlying Medical conditions and physical limitations 

    • A Physical exam for evaluation  

    The experienced doctors at the Prescription Weight loss clinics will decide first whether you are a perfect candidate to use a weight loss medication.  

    If you haven’t been successful to get good weight loss results through conventional low-calorie diet and exercise approach and you meet one of the following criteria, you can try out weight loss drugs as your next strategy.  


    • Your BMI is greater than 30.  

  • Your BMI is greater than 27 with the risks of developing serious medical issues related to obesity such as Type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.  

  • Before deciding on any medication, your doctor will evaluate everything, from your health challenges to medical history and will guide you about the pros and cons of using prescription weight loss drugs. However, one should never try these drugs at their own, as the weight loss drugs are not meant to use by everyone. Especially, pregnant, trying to conceive and nursing women should strictly avoid using these prescription weight loss drugs.  


    The proper awareness about prescription weight loss drugs is very important. The doctor will guide you that the long-term use of these drugs is strictly not recommended. You should not use any prescription weight loss drugs for more than 12 weeks. The combination of good diet and active lifestyle along with these weight loss medications can contribute towards getting amazing weight loss results.  

    Phentermine Weight Loss Clinics Near Me  

    One of the top Prescription weight loss drugs that is widely popular among circles is Phentermine. These weight loss clinics are usually considered as the top Prescription weight loss clinics as Phentermine delivers better weight loss results as compared to other drugs. The common and ideal way to get Phentermine prescription is to visit your family doctor, as he is the one who have a greater and better insight about your existing medical conditions and health status. Your family doctor can guide you well about assessing the pros and cons of Phentermine for you.  


    You will have to undergo a proper medical evaluation and history of weight loss struggles before getting the Phentermine prescription. However, if your case is complicated enough, you may be referred to specialists for further medical investigation for prescribing Phentermine.  

    The specialists’ doctors in the weight management cases are known as Bariatric physicians. They are more knowledgeable about the pros and cons of using Phentermine for weight loss than regular doctors. In most cases of PCOS and fertility issues, women are prescribed with Phentermine from their gynaecologists as a short-term weight loss treatment. You can however visit the Phentermine Weight loss clinics for a proper prescription, especially if you are lacking medical insurance. In most cases, Phentermine is prescribed to the obese patients to help during their weight loss journey. It is recommended to do proper research about Phentermine weight loss clinics near you and schedule an appointment for proper evaluation.  


    Important things to know about Phentermine Prescription 

    Before starting your move with Phentermine, you should know the side effects associated with this drug. The common side effects linked with the Prescription weight loss drugs are nausea, vomiting, constipation or diarrhoea. These mild effects may occur during initial days of usage and may lessen over time. Some side effects of Phentermine are serious, but rarely occurred. It is therefore important to thoroughly discuss the treatment pros and cons with your health practitioner at Phentermine prescription weight loss clinic. Also, you need to check if your insurance company is giving you coverage on using Prescription weight loss drugs, as they are quite expensive otherwise.  


    Usually, the duration of treatment with Phentermine prescription weight loss drugs will depend on your body needs and weight loss goals. However, to improve health without experiencing any side effects, it should not be used for long-term. It is advised to use Phentermine only for 12 weeks at most. If the results are not much impressive, your doctor might switch you to another weight loss drug.  

    Weight Loss Clinics that Prescribe Phentermine near Me  

    Not all weight loss clinics have the authority of prescribing Phentermine, therefore you should look for the best option of weight loss clinics near you that can prescribe Phentermine for weight loss. Phentermine-toprimate is combination that is generally prescribed by the weight loss clinics as a support for your weight loss journey. Most of the prescription-based weight loss drugs work in 2 ways. They suppress your appetite to make you feel less hungry and prevents the fat absorption in your body. Most of these medications are approved by FDA for short-term usage.  


    You may find many Phentermine clinics in USA and some of them of are completely virtual. Such clinics usually offer an online doctor consultation via video call. They perform online check-ups and evaluations based on the patients’ responses and medical reports. If they find the patient eligible for Phentermine use, they send the prescription to the local pharmacy near you electronically. The pharmacy will then send your order to your home within 2 days. 

    Doctors who prescribe Phentermine near me 

    When you will visit to doctors who prescribe Phentermine, you will undergo some proceedings before getting the prescription.  

    Following are the steps of the process that are followed by the Phentermine clinics: 


    • BMI Calculation: Phentermine is only prescribed to the patients having BMI greater than 27 with the possible risk of developing health conditions.  

  • Registration to the Phentermine Clinic near you.  

  • Online consultation or a video chat with their professional staff. 

  • Prescription request to local pharmacy. 

  • If you are visiting a doctor who prescribe Phentermine, you should ask few questions that are important for your health. Some of them are: 

    1. What is my BMI? 

    1. Do I fall in the right criteria for using weight loss drugs? 

    1. Which weight loss drug is perfect for me? 

    1. What the possible side effects I may experience? 


    1. What are benefits of this weight loss drug? 

    1. Do the pros of this weight loss drug outweigh the risks and side effects? 

    1. Is this medication covered with my insurance? 

    1. What would be the length of the treatment? 

    1. What are the possible results I should expect after using this? 

    1. Will I gain weight after the end of treatment? 

    1. What can I do to prevent gaining weight when I stop taking these pills? 

    Best Over the Counter Non-Prescription Phentermine Alternative  

    As mentioned above, Phentermine is only allowed to use for short term with the prescription only for obese patients with certain conditions. Also, there are many risks linked with its usage. Keeping in consideration all these factors, it is recommended to use OTC Phentermine alternatives instead that needs no prescription and are safe to use for weight loss.  


    Also, these OTC phentermine alternatives are manufactured with natural ingredients and can be used for long term duration as per your weight loss goals and targets. There are many OTC Phentermine alternative diet pills available in the market that can ease up your weight loss journey while offering many health benefits alongside. 

    Bottom Line 

    Weight loss is a long journey and in order to be successful you must make many lifestyle and behavioural changes in your daily routine. You should not directly look out for weight loss medication as an only option for weight loss. Instead, you should first consult a doctor from weight loss clinics and follow the proper weight loss plan they customized for you as per your needs and goals.  


    However, if it’s not working for you, you can approach for the weight loss clinics that prescribe weight loss medications to ease up your obesity struggles. On the other hand, you can also use over the counter Phentermine alternatives as a supporting aid during weight loss struggle. These OTC Phentermine alternatives can be bought without any prescriptions and are usually free from side effects. In addition, they can be used for longer durations, till you achieve your goal weight. However, the important thing to realize is the fact that none of the weight loss pills will help you lose weight unless you adopt healthy lifestyle habits, balanced diet routine and physical activity on regular basis.  


    (Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook editorial.)