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Viraj Vertex By Viraj Estates Turns Out To Be North Maharashtra’s Longest Cantilever

Viraj Estates wants to create an urban habitat in the center of the city with its premium Central Business district location; unparalleled views across.

Viraj Vertex

It is often said that ‘Economic growth relies on innovation’ as this ongoing process of finding innovation is the application of concepts in a way that results in the creation of new products or services or enhances the provision of existing ones. The same goes for one of the most competitive sectors of the modern economy which is the real estate sector.

In fact, when India is considered, statistics show it as one of the fastest-growing industries, projected to grow to a $1 trillion market by 2030. Leading real estate firms in India are fueling this expansion with their cutting-edge initiatives and dedication to prove quality in innovation.

For instance, the most recent commercial project, Viraj Vertex by Viraj Estates, aims to incorporate the Maharashtra’s best working experiences in the heart of the city. It is specifically created to support business growth by providing areas that increase productivity and efficiency. This endeavor is a stunning example of architectural aspiration and innovation located at College Road, Nashik.

“The cantilever portion is 10mtrs x 19.300 meters without any support.”

One block at a time, Nashik's business address is being redefined!

Viraj Estates wants to create an urban habitat in the center of the city with its premium Central Business district location; unparalleled views across. Viraj Vertex is a one-of-a-kind project in Nashik thanks to its distinctive 12 m cantilever design. The ultimate goal is to construct stunning, high-rise structures that define the cityscape and skyline. Our goal is to establish high-rise architecture as the new standard.

Making a new commercial landmark

The newest project from Viraj Estates, Viraj Vertex, is specially designed to offer a highly competitive business environment and a conducive workspace that increases productivity and efficiency. The cutting-edge infrastructure and backup facilities ensure continual productivity, giving brands and will give brands and businesses a distinct advantage to drive business growth.

Community Centric Approach

The development is conceived to encourage shared and inclusive, community centric approach by creating two huge terraces, one at a height of 8 m and other at a height of 36 m. It also boasts of an 8 m wide plaza in front of the building that successfully balances public space with retail, commercial, hospitality, entertainment and work space areas.

The Architect’s take

When asked about what is his take on, Viraj Vertex, Ajay Sonar went on to say “By fusing precise urban integration and an inclusive community-centric approach, Viraj Vertex exemplifies an imaginative engagement of the primary aim for city decentralization and the client's high sustainability ambition.”

Directors’ perspective

Talking about the project, the directors of Viraj Vertex stated, “It is intended to represent the new world, an urban commercial icon that embodies the Group's commitment to offer responsive real estate in a changing urban environment. The objective was to take a comprehensive approach to develop a synergy of corporate and commercial mix that would alter how the city shapes and engages its residents.”

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