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Udimi Review (Latest Update) - All You Need To Know About Udimi Solo Ads!

Udimi is the greatest platform where different types of buyers and sellers can come together and trade for their solo ads. In their udimi.com works as the interconnector between the buyers and sellers. In this platform buyers have the option to filter the sellers based on their ranking and find out who is best for their purpose.


What is a Solo Ad? 

Solo ads are a form of email-based advertisements one can buy from other email list owners. They are typically sent with the purpose of promoting the products (dedicated emails). While other businesses can make use of solo ads, they’re most popular among affiliates and information marketers. Therefore, solo ads can be mentioned as the perfect way to grow an online business and make money from other people’s email lists. To work with solo ads a few steps should be followed. 

  1. Find a solo ad list or search for a solo ad seller you’re interested in. 

  1. Contact the owner or buy access to the list from their site. 

  1. Buy either by how many subscribers your email message will be sent to or by how many clicks your email will get. 

  1. If all goes well, those subscribers will click, and those clicks will convert well. In the end, you’ll end up with solo ad conversions that cost less than other types of advertising. 

Hence, solo mailing is the most effective type of advertisement because it allows you to send your solo ad only to people who are interested, as well as receive only the emails you are interested in, based on your subscriptions.  

So, it helps to receive only the most important information, avoiding spam. Also, you can use this method as it's handy for finding customers, especially in your niche! 


What is Udimi? 

Udimi is the greatest platform where different types of buyers and sellers can come together and trade for their solo ads. In their udimi.com works as the interconnector between the buyers and sellers. In this platform buyers have the option to filter the sellers based on their ranking and find out who is best for their purpose. As this rating system is a blind rating system users can be confident that the score is accurate and honest. It maximizes the rate of interest for a buyer and makes sure they get effective results for their investment. 

Udimi is a registered trademark of udimicom which is started in 2008. Its headquarters is located in Cyprus. 


How does Udimi work? 

In simple terms Udimi is for solo advertising. Basically, solo ad buyers can search sellers listed on Udimi.com and order solo ad traffic with many features and benefits.  

Udimi has a filter bar that features its entire work. Without operating that particular bar, nothing can be ‘specifically’ searched. The filters in the Udimi can be listed below. 

  • Price - Udimi has pricing options from 40 cents to 95 cents based on the seller’s choice. The solo ad price on Udimi is depended on the seller’s settings, and he/she can change it anytime. Also, sellers can offer/run discounts on Udimi and run campaigns on the Solo Ads Deals section.  

  • Niche - A buyer can identify their niche on the basis of this filter and save the time that usually goes into finding every seller’s specialized filter. This filter makes it possible to identify on the basis of niche and search for their options. While solo ads are dominated by Make Money Online, Business Opportunities, MLM, Crypto niches as a whole, you can come across emails lists in health, pets, cooking niches too. 

  • Rating – As the seller’s rating is present on the platform the buyers can filter out the rating in order to find out the better seller for their type. However, the best-ranking sellers might be slightly expensive, and to figure that out, the pricing can also be set simultaneously in the filter option. 

  • Got sales – It is a great metric to find out the sellers with buyer traffic. This filter brings out the best output from the sellers. A buyer can find out how many sales the seller has made in the past few months and figure out how many sales or conversions a buyer needs in their advertisements. 

  • Sorting – By using this filter one can filter out the options & review them based on sales, pricing, and ratings which makes it an even better task to find out the best for the solo ads. It is a great option to make it even easier to bring out the sellers in a shorter span of time. 

  • Start within - Some sellers have a small email list. At the same time, others have a busy schedule. So, different sellers have various ‘Start within’ periods. For example, if someone immediately needs email solo ad traffic for a product launch, utilize this method to filter available sellers corresponding to their time frame. 

  • Seller located in - Udimi location filter is available to review & figure out the sellers present all across the globe. When it is needed to buy only traffic from sellers who are from a specific region, use this option. 

  • Main traffic source – This is one of the best filters that Udimi has. The buyers can find out the traffic source country for their better convenience. This filter is different from the seller location since this is mainly the traffic area to target the right audience. 

  • Seller language – In case if a buyer isn’t fluent in one specific language such as English. This is a great filter since anyone regardless of knowing English can access the platform. 


Specific features of Udimi: 

When compared with other solo ad platforms Udimi becomes famous in the world due to the specific features it contains. The features can be summarized below. 

  1. Various sellers present with email lists – As there are various sellers present in Udimi the buyers can identify the best seller using their niche, sales, pricing packages ect.  

  1. Provides seller data – All the details regarding sellers from their specializations to the number of sales they’ve made in recent times is included in this plat form. All these data are 100% accurate and therefore, the buyer can select the best without any doubt. 

  1. No need to provide anything – Without providing anything the only thin buyers need to do is the providing the payment for the visitors. 

  1. Deals based on different pricing – As the prices range from 40 cents to 95 cents there is no need to spend a lot on advertising. 

  1. Got sales - A buyer can estimate the seller’s capacity by putting in a percentage. If someone wants some extremely high reach or specifically low reach, then they can identify it with the help of this feature. 

  1. Order traffic and use it - Udimi lets a person find out the traffic that they have specifically received from the platform. That traffic can be added to the sales funnel to expand their business reach and attain good profits. 

  1. Filers best sellers – Based on the ranking the best sellers can be filtered in the Udimi.  

  1. Specialized sellers – Each of the sellers among the thousands of sellers in the Udimi have their own specialization.  

  1. Orders - A person can see & review their purchases and sales in the bar present on the left side of the screen.  

  1. Money – The platform provides all the records on the money on the basis of earned and returned. 

  1. Friends – In this plat form there are cells present namely ‘My Friends’, ‘I follow’, and ‘Following me’. There is also a setting cell present where the user can set their criteria on the basis of who can send them the friend request which helps to maintain connections for longer durations. 

  1. Affiliate programmes - Udimi has an Affiliate Program present for its current buyers and sellers where they can earn a five percent commission by promoting the product to other people who might be interested to join it. There are three programs that go by the name ‘General’, ‘Recommended’, and ‘Prime Subscription’. 

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Udimi Affiliate Programme: 

You will earn 15% on each solo order of all your referrals. For example, if your referral buys $1000 solo, you’ll get $150. If your referral makes 100 orders at $1000 each you’ll get $15 000 

Plus, you’ll receive 25% from all Prime subscriptions of all your referrals, every month and for their membership lifetime. 


Benefits of Udimi: 

There are numerous benefits one can obtained by using Udimi over other conventional solo ad plat forms. The main advantages can be summarized as followings. 

  1. Udimi has 30 days money back guarantee. 

  1. Buyers can cancel the order within 24 hours of placing the order. 

  1. Buyers can change the link and start another order if one order in not accepted by the seller. 

  1. It is a 100% safe environment for beginners as Udimi takes care of all the issues faced by the beginners by; 
    Processing all payments by Udimi – Seller gets money after you received 100% traffic 
    All traffic are going through Udimi filters 
    Making sure buyer only pays for cleaned traffic not bot or useless traffic 
    Buyer gets an instant refund for non-delivered traffic 
    Controlling spam, unprofessional behavior, and communication 
    Ensuring all ratings are verifiable comments by buyers and sellers 

  2. Udimi click filters are the best tracker. 

  3. As it is having competitive prices buyers can always select what is best fit for them. 

  1. Udimi has a clean interface where you can manage all your solos at once place and see the progress. 

  1. Udimi keeps all the history details on your orders. So you can access them anytime. 

  1. There is no place for fraudsters on Udimi.  

  1. Udimi it he only one solo ad plat form which has live cha facility. 

  1. Udimi has introduced a mobile application for Android users which allows you to stay in touch 24*7. 


Cons of Udimi: 

  • It can only be used by the android users as no app for iOS users 

  • Udimi prime membership is highly expensive 


Udimi for Sellers: 

  • As everything is setup within Udimi no need to create a website.  

  • Sellers who specialize in providing solo ads can join it and use their email list to sell 

  • It is beginner friendly. Therefore any one can join. 

  •  It’s easier than anywhere else to get your first customers quickly.  

  • Generates great profits with efficient sales of traffic according to the desired price between 40 to 95 cents. 

  • Buy and sell solo ads on Udimi and run a profitable business without managing an email list or having premium solo ad software. 

  • Get ratings from buyers fast as Udimi pays $5 for buyers to rate their orders. 


Udimi for Buyers: 

  • Affordable as it costs 40 cents to 95 cents per click. 

  • Extensive platform with options from different prices to rankings. 

  • No need of extreme registrations. 

  • Various niches in order to find the right seller. 

  • Purchasing is easy. 

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Udimi Reviews: 

Based on the 22,766 reviews of the users Udimi can be rated with a FIVE STAR rating. This shows that reviewers are highly satisfied with the outputs they obtained by using this app. Few reviewers comments can be mentioned as below to emphasize how users are satisfied with this solo ad plat form. 

Gary Hullfish - You can't beat that. Udimi is the best! 

Kristina Radojicic - Traffic is GOLD! I have a 48% opt-in rate. Three sales, already. I'm thrilled. 

Eniwo Daniel Udezi - Excellent solo... 40% optin, got 3 sales on the front end. 

Dawn-Marie Nesbitt - Very good run with very responsive traffic. 3 SALES! 

Sid Tillman - 3 SALES, over 50 great opt ins. GREAT EXPERIENCE!  

Tyronne Ratcliff - Ordered 100 clicks, received 150! 51 leads with a few sales on the way!  

Dan Debiase - Ridiculous conversion rate. Got 50% opt-in rate and another SALE.  

Stacy Dantzler - 2 SALES and 3 pending. Thanks for the great work!  

Allen Vaega - Udimi saves a whole lot of money. I highly recommend it.  

Based on these reviews it can be confirmed that users of Udimi from all over the world are highly satisfied with the service they got. It is really happy to say it is hard to find any review with negative feedback from these users. 

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Udimi Prime: 

Udimi Prime is a monthly service that costs $30 per month, and it has a variety of benefits. 

The Udimi Prime optional membership offers you; 

  1. Free Prime Filter on all traffic orders, regardless of volume of clicks purchased. With Udimi Prime Membership, you will get advanced filtering on all your solos on top of base filtering 

  1. Advanced optin tracking. This tracking only tracks Udimi traffic and ignores the rest of your site’s visitors. With Prime upgrade this limit will be lifted, giving you the total picture. 

  1. Doubled affiliate payments. The Udimi Affiliate Program pays 25% for all Prime subscriptions of referrals. If you are Prime yourself, they will then double this payment to 50%. 

  1. Profile view stats for life. See exactly who visited your profile, how they found you and how many times they’ve visited you. 

  1. Increased click log storage. With Prime status you retain access to all data over the lifetime of your account, down to the individual clicks. 

  1. Profile badge publicly displayed. A profile badge gives you more respect from other members. 

  1. Free access to SoloCalendar.com immediately. This tool is for sellers to schedule, monitor and manage your solos and buyers. You can use this and monitor as well now. 

There are lots of features included with Udimi Prime, and they’ll save you a considerable amount of money in many different ways! 


How to join with Udimi: 

Joining with his solo add plat form is a hassle free process. All what you have to do is go to the website udimi.com and create your own account. Then you have to verify your account. From that every time you want, you can easily login to your Udimi account and get orders and deliver traffics. Finally you will receive the payment from Udimi. 

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Is Udimi Legit? 

The Udimi is a legit and notable company that has highly rated reviews. The company has been in business for years and operates in a professional and comforting manner. They have many buyer and seller protections in place. Udimi will continue to help entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, network marketers, MLM businesses, ClickBank users, JVZoo users, Warrior Plus users and more – generate quality traffic. 



Although there are many alternative traffic sources to Solo ads like Facebook ads and Google ads, there is a reason why many internet marketers use Solo Advertising as a primary source of traffic. It is not limited to testing sales funnels, building a list, and promoting affiliate offers. Even though there are hundreds of places to buy solo ads online, Udimi.com is the world’s largest and most trusted solo ad network for several reasons. Therefore, based on the review it can be recommended that the Udimi is the best solo ad plat form in the world.